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Can Residents Continue to See Their Own Doctors While in Assisted Living?

Can Residents Continue to See Their Own Doctors While in Assisted Living?

Assisted living communities work to provide comprehensive care and amenities for their residents but permit the residents to receive care outside the community. Living well at any age combines professional care from staff and regular visits to your trusted physician. If you have a physician you trust and are accustomed to seeing, their care does not stop when you move into a senior living community.

Can you continue seeing your doctor after moving to assisted living? It’s actually encouraged. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we’ll facilitate all your care, including transportation to your appointments. 

Keep reading to discover how assisted living communities work to incorporate all levels of health and wellness so you or your loved ones can live well at any stage.

Maintain Regular Visits to Your Doctor

As mentioned, you can continue to schedule doctor’s appointments with your trusted physician; this does not stop once you move into an assisted living community. Assisted living community residents have the right to medical services beyond what assisted living provides. 

If you require more specialized care or prefer to see your regular doctor, you can schedule appointments with your primary care physician or other specialists. Though assisted living communities may make recommendations for practitioners and provide services from resident practitioners, you can continue to see your own doctor.

If you live in the Avondale area, following your current doctor’s recommendations and maintaining regular appointments once you move into an Avondale assisted living community is important. Your regular physician has previous experience with your medical history and also has the necessary knowledge and understanding of your current overall health.

Plus, transitioning into assisted living may take a lot of work for your loved one to learn to adapt to the change. Maintaining certain routines, such as visiting a doctor they already know and trust, can help ease them through this transition. If you or your loved one has a good rapport with the doctor, with consistently positive experiences, there’s no reason to switch doctors. 

Schedule Transportation to Appointments

Assisted living communities provide transportation services, making managing doctor visits and other appointments easier. You can schedule appointments when they work best without worrying about how to get there. If your loved one can no longer drive, they may have to rely on family for transportation. Avoid the stress of managing a loved one’s appointments with busy schedules, and take advantage of chauffeured transportation. Rest easy knowing you don’t have to rearrange your schedule to ensure your loved one makes it to all of their necessary appointments. They can continue to see their current doctor and have the necessary transportation to get there, while you have the assurance that their health is monitored around the clock.

Customize Levels of Care

The best care includes a holistic approach, with doctors, staff, family, and friends all partnering with seniors to promote health and wellness at every life stage. When you combine the efforts of a primary physician with the 24-hour personal assistance provided by assisted living, your loved one benefits from sustainable support. 

Assisted living communities can monitor health around the clock, providing 24-hour assistance and customized care that best fits their level of care. This level of care empowers residents to maintain independence while receiving appropriate levels of care.

You can rest confidently knowing your loved one is receiving the support they need for their activities of daily living while staying socially involved and engaged in stimulating activities. Their health is monitored, and they have personalized care and access to immediate emergency response under the rich backdrop of enriching programs and activities.

Visit Health and Wellness Centers

When you move into an assisted living community, you gain access to wellness centers that help keep your body fit and your mind sharp. Enjoy yoga classes that keep your body limber or work on balance and agility with Zumba classes while having fun with friends. Join one of the many exciting classes or work at your own pace with the available exercise equipment.

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we offer programs for all abilities so our residents can keep their balance, mobility, and fitness in peak condition.

Receive Help With Medication Management

Avondale assisted living amenities include receiving the appropriate level of care for your life stage. If your loved one needs extra assistance with activities for daily living, professional and caring staff are available to help with all of their needs, including medication management. e.

Assisted living supports residents with extra help as needed. In addition to medication management, other activities of daily living your loved one can receive help with are:

  • Bathing and showering assistance
  • Dressing and grooming assistance
  • Incontinence care
  • Transfer assistance
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • 24-hour emergency response monitoring

Restaurant-style dining services are also available for you so you can enjoy chef-crafted meals in the company of great friends and your neighbors.

Enjoy Additional Amenities

Your care goes beyond the basics so you can thrive in a vibrant and beautiful home with a host of amenities. Enjoy cooking demos, dance classes, lively games in common areas, trips to town, cultural enrichment with crafts and activities, community events, and more. Read a book in the library, visit the on-site beauty salon or barber shop, watch movies in the media center, and enjoy special lectures. Small pets are even welcome.

Assisted living communities help facilitate the complete care of residents. All of these amenities and more, in conjunction with licensed nurses providing exceptional care, enable you or your loved one to enjoy a vibrant senior lifestyle while receiving necessary care for health and wellness at any stage.

Schedule a tour of our community, and see for yourself how Avondale assisted living is the best place to live!