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Can Residents Personalize Their Living Spaces in Assisted Living?

Can Residents Personalize Their Living Spaces in Assisted Living?

Are you considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one? If so, you might feel nervous about everything that transition entails. While assisted living communities provide significant benefits to residents (e.g., 24/7 access to personal care assistance, dining services, transportation, housekeeping, social activities, etc.), leaving familiar surroundings can be difficult at any stage of life. Some people also worry they will lose their independence or be bored in their new home. 

The good news is that there are high-quality assisted living communities dedicated to meeting all the needs of their residents – physical, mental, and social needs while also fostering their independence. For instance, with our Live Well program, Solterra Senior Living’s Lakeside assisted living community takes a holistic and innovative approach to senior health. One of the ways that Solterra’s Lakeside Assisted Living encourages residents’ independence is by offering them the freedom to make their living spaces uniquely theirs.

Below, you’ll find information about some of the different ways assisted living residents can personalize where they live and why it’s important to do so.  

Types of Living Spaces Available in Assisted Living

Depending on your needs and preferences, assisted living apartments come in a variety of sizes, ranging from studio apartments to those with two bedrooms. Apartments generally feature: 

  • Fully equipped kitchenettes
  • Appliances like refrigerators and microwaves
  • Cable and wifi
  • Garbage removal services
  • Light housekeeping services
  • Emergency response systems
  • Assistive devices like seating or handrails in the shower

How Can Assisted Living Residents Personalize Their Living Spaces?

Take advantage of your freedom to make your new home truly your home. Consider some of the following ways to personalize your space.

Integrate Your Personality Into The Decor

If you’re moving from a house, you’ve probably downsized your belongings to some extent, which can be a relief since you won’t have to deal with so much unnecessary clutter. While it can be tempting and fun to focus on all-new decor to go with your fresh start, it’s important to include favorite, familiar items. 

Family pictures, the artwork you love, your favorite books, or the mug you use every morning for your coffee are all great examples of items that infuse your personality into your new home. Focus on things with sentimental value or that evoke positive memories and feelings. 

Be sure to include a place to store what you need for your hobbies, like puzzles, board games, musical instruments, and arts and crafts. A basket on a bookshelf or under-bed storage can be great options. When planning out your living space, consider setting aside a comfortable place to engage in those hobbies with visitors and friends.

Consider Comfort And Livability

The assisted living apartment floorplans are designed to be open and easy to navigate. Adding too much furniture, or furniture that is too large for the space, can make it feel overcrowded, cluttered, and difficult to maneuver. You will likely be more comfortable and relaxed in the long run if you can quickly move around your home and reach everything you need, especially lamps and entertainment items like puzzles and games.

When it comes to furniture, it’s often a good idea to focus on comfortable and supportive furniture like a good reading chair rather than a recliner or a designer couch. Many space-saving options that people use when they live in apartments in urban areas also translate well to assisted living apartments, such as: 

  • Oval or round-topped kitchen tables 
  • Furniture that can serve multiple functions like a cushioned bench for seating that also opens up for storage
  • Using baskets for storage on bookshelves
  • Choosing slim hangers for your closet

Planning ahead can smooth the transition and make moving less stressful. If you’re considering Solterra Senior Living’s Lakeside Assisted Living, you can look at floor plans online or, better yet, schedule a visit in person to take measurements and make a list of what you need and want to bring with you. 

Enhance Your Environment

A well-lit living space creates a cheerful environment and ensures you can physically navigate safely around any potential tripping hazards. Warm lights work with our natural biorhythms and can help us relax and sleep better, which is great for maintaining physical health.

Incorporating greenery, plants, and flowers (either living or artificial) is another way to enhance your living environment. Indoor plants provide many benefits, including better mental and physical health, air quality, focus, and joy.

If your assisted living community is pet-friendly, including your four-legged companion in your new home will make it instantly feel like home.

Benefits of Personalizing Your Living Space in Assisted Living

Why is it important to infuse your personality into your assisted living apartment? Creating a comfortable, familiar, and homey atmosphere has mental, physical, and emotional benefits. 

Enhanced Mental Health and Overall Wellness

Change can be difficult and stressful. When you surround yourself with familiar objects that bring positive memories to mind, you will enhance your mental outlook. Creating an uplifting and peaceful environment can reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Health professionals now understand that mental and emotional well-being is closely intertwined with physical health. So, it’s vital to your overall wellness to live in an atmosphere that is calm, peaceful, and full of joy. 

Increased Social Interaction

When you love where you live, you will be much more likely to invite friends over. Sharing meals, having doggy playdates, hosting game or movie nights, or enjoying coffee and good conversation together is more enjoyable in a peaceful, cozy environment. 

Less Stressful Transition

Moving to a new home that is uncluttered, comfortable, and expresses your personality with familiar elements will require much less adjustment than moving to a completely unfamiliar place. 

Sense of Autonomy and Independence

Adding personal touches and making your home exactly how you want it means you control your surroundings, which will help you feel empowered. Familiar surroundings also help you maintain your independence because you can easily get around without assistance, and there is less chance of confusion. Expressing your personality helps you preserve your sense of identity and personal history and find your place in your new community. 

Find Your New Home 

When it comes to living well, the staff at Solterra Senior Living Lakeside Assisted Living make sure that every resident can live their best life. The outstanding services and amenities, beautiful natural surroundings, and thriving community make this a place that residents love to call home. We would love to meet you and answer any questions you have. Contact us today to get started!