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How Memory Care Communities Promote Independence and Well-Being

How Memory Care Communities Promote Independence and Well-Being

You are not alone if you or a loved one are searching for memory care in Arizona; it is estimated that 11 percent of adults over 65 in Arizona are living with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Memory care can be an excellent option for those with such a diagnosis.

Memory care communities use proven strategies to help residents enjoy life and receive the necessary care and assistance. Here at Solterra Senior Living, we prioritize dignity, autonomy, and engagement for individuals with memory loss. This article will explain how Solterra Senior Living’s personalized approach, supportive environment, activities, and specialized programming empower individuals to live fulfilling lives with dignity and purpose. 

Empowering the Individual

Our memory care in Arizona starts with the person. We prioritize each individual’s dignity by getting to know them first. Everyone has a unique story, and we want to learn more about our residents. 

We can best serve our residents’ needs by getting to know them and their personalities, interests, and hobbies. Our caregivers aren’t just caregivers; they are the memory keepers for our residents. With specialized training, our team creates a unique relationship with each resident. Our caregivers are trained to remind residents of who they are and give them the care they need with dignity and respect. 

Once we know the individual, we can create a personalized care plan to encompass each person’s physical, mental, medical, and social needs. This plan creates a daily routine that puts residents’ interests and desires into daily activities to give consistency and reassurance. 

A caring team keeps each individual on a consistent schedule so residents can learn to rely on the staff and trust their needs are met. This schedule also considers complications like sundowning and keeps residents from getting too hungry, thirsty, or tired. This personalized plan helps each person stay as independent as possible and allows them to do the daily things they love with the support of a team behind them. 

Supportive Environment

A supportive environment starts with a layout that is easy to navigate, well-lit, and where residents can call home. Belongings like pictures of family, art, or even a comfy couch from their previous residence help create comfort and familiarity. 

Solterra Senior Living memory care apartments are private and have a centralized nursing station. Each apartment is equipped with monitoring technology that helps keep residents safe yet respects their privacy. This technology helps the care team monitor any potential health or safety issues. Secure entrances with safeguards to prevent falls or wandering are other tools to help ensure resident safety. 

Support also means giving residents freedom and autonomy to spend their days as they choose. Recreational activities like fitness classes, art and music therapies, entertainment, and social activities are all available to residents at Solterra Senior Living. By allowing them to select those activities that are meaningful to them, residents are empowered to live richer, fuller lives. 

Social interaction through activities and communal dining helps residents avoid loneliness, improves mood, reduces anxiety, and slows cognitive decline. Residents can also have a trained caregiver attend any activity with them at any time to provide reassurance and additional assistance when needed. 

Enriching Activities

The recreational activities at Solterra Senior Living memory care in Arizona contribute to residents’ well-being in multiple ways. Physical fitness is a tool for keeping the body moving to build mobility and strength, elevate mood, and reduce anxiety, and some research says it may reduce cognitive decline

We have plenty of opportunities for exercise! All exercise classes, like Zumba, yoga, and tai chi, can be modified for all abilities. Our enclosed courtyards encourage residents to take a walk whenever they like to get some fresh air and enjoy the sun. 

Just because someone is experiencing cognitive decline doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy life to the fullest. Giving people the support, dignity, and respect they need helps them enjoy and explore new activities and interests. These benefits are why we offer multiple opportunities for residents to enjoy a variety of recreational activities both on-site and in the community, with support when appropriate. People can also participate in arts and crafts classes, music therapies, movie nights, game nights, and other outings. 

Specialized Programming

Cognitive therapy techniques, a person-centered and individualized approach to helping those with dementia, can benefit memory care residents significantly. We incorporate some of these techniques into daily activities that help improve cognitive function. This holistic approach to care gives residents a rich, enjoyable experience in their daily lives. 

Puzzles, daily trivia, and word games like Sudoku are all examples of cognitive stimulation and training. Some of these activities are done right at the dining table with friends to encourage camaraderie and social engagement. 

Music therapy, such as drum circles or singing, is also used for cognitive therapies. Creative arts and crafts activities can also be integrated, like painting, drawing, collage-making, knitting, crocheting, or clay sculptures. These activities help stimulate the mind and help people express themselves creatively. 

Our staff helps residents by encouraging participation and focusing on the process of creating rather than the end product. Card games, crossword puzzles, and even just participating in a discussion at an on-site lecture can all help improve mood, memory, cognitive function, and even depression

Memory care residents can benefit significantly from Reminiscence Therapy, which involves looking at personal photos, listening to familiar music, and even having their favorite possessions around them. Studies have shown that this type of therapy improves mood, mental function, communication, and overall quality of life. Living in a community that encourages residents to participate in activities that contribute to their well-being gives seniors living in memory care the courage and support they need to enjoy and live life to the fullest. 

If you’re looking for caring and supportive memory care in Arizona, we hope you’ll consider our community. Here at Solterra Senior Living, we invite you to tour our community and see what vibrant living means to us. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more.