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Thoughtful attention to detail and exceptional services at an accessible and affordable cost make the quality of life at BridgeWater second to none.

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Enjoy Unencumbered Freedom

Your days at BridgeWater are as wide open as our Arizona skies for enjoying your favorite activities, relaxing, or exploring new adventures.

Income-qualified opportunities for low or fixed-income veterans or seniors eligible for the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) will set families’ hearts and minds at ease, knowing their loved one is covered.

Once you’ve moved in, our thoughtful staff takes care of cumbersome chores so you can be free to live your best life.

You Won’t Miss A Beat

The sun of another perfect January morning streams through the windows of the BridgeWater activities room onto a group of senior friends gathered for the music therapy drum circle. However, the instructor has a great idea, “You know what, folks? It’s a beautiful day—let’s move this outside!”

Before long, drums are beating, tambourines are shaking, and toes are tapping in the winter sun. The rhythm of the good life goes on at BridgeWater, to the tune of happiness, well-being, and fun!

We’ll Take Care Of It

With so much to see and do within the BridgeWater community and beyond, who has time to vacuum, dust, or wrestle with burdensome loads of laundry? 

We know you take pride in a well-kept home, and our efficient housekeeping staff sees to it that your surroundings stay neat and sparkling clean. 

Instead of scrubbing, hop aboard our daily transportation to town for shopping and events, cozy up with a good book in our library, or get the endorphins flowing in a fitness class. Your days at BridgeWater are free to spend as you wish, enjoying all that living well has to offer.

Together Around The Table

The dining room tables are lit with a festive glow. Friends and family members gather around to join hands and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the food and the shared moment with their loved ones.

Eating well, we celebrate the good life! Mealtimes at BridgeWater always feature delicious, nutritious food prepared with love and served with care, in a setting designed to bring people together.

And There’s More

  • On-site non-denominational services
  • 24-hour personal assistance
  • Internet and computer access
  • Emergency call pendant
Happy woman greeting visitors

Experience The BridgeWater Lifestyle

You’re invited to visit BridgeWater!

Our Director, care team, and residents await to show you BridgeWater’s thriving community and lifestyle.

Why wait? Come by and see us–sunny days await you!

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