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Are There Recreational Activities Planned for Residents in Assisted Living?

Are There Recreational Activities Planned for Residents in Assisted Living?

You will have many questions when selecting an assisted living community for yourself or a loved one. Where is the community located? What is the pricing? Is it all-inclusive? And what are you going to do for fun in this community? 

Recreational activities are tremendously beneficial for assisted living residents, which is why BridgeWater Assisted Living in Castle Rock offers our residents a wide range of activities and events. Let’s examine how our recreational activities contribute to the social, mental, and physical well-being of our residents.

Keep it Social

There’s a reason why most of our planned recreational activities and events involve some form of social engagement. When people have shared experiences, it creates deeper connections and friendships. Studies have shown that social isolation and loneliness can contribute to myriad health conditions, which is why living in a community with supportive and caring staff, finding new friends, and enjoying new activities is critical. The community activities at our assisted living community in Castle Rock are designed with this in mind.

Our community room offers a place to be entertained and have a good time with new friends. We have some real fun at our community movie nights. While some old favorites might be on the lineup for some laughs, we also include the latest Oscar movie contenders and intriguing documentaries. Guest speakers are invited to share a variety of compelling topics to keep our residents educated and informed, giving residents something stimulating to think about and providing topics of discussion during meals in the dining room. 

Fun with friends continues at our weekly happy hours, featuring live entertainment from local bands. We also encourage our residents to participate in spiritual practices and gatherings that are meaningful for them, and we offer a weekly non-denominational service. 

Outings to local shopping centers, exploring the beautiful area, and taking in a show create adventures for everyone. All of this is done with the idea of creating a community of people who explore and experience activities together, creating shared experiences and deeper connections.

Keep Exploring

The benefits of what we term ‘life-long learning’ are endless. Learning a new skill creates new neural pathways in the brain, helping boost confidence and increasing mental well-being, social connection, and memory. Our assisted living Castle Rock location provides an environment that encourages residents to pursue their life-long passions and explore even more. 

Keeping the mind sharp can be a whole lot of fun. Classes like Paint & Sip and Clay Creations allow people to explore their artistic sides. We even throw a little social gathering at our community art gallery. Music lovers can have fun together at our drum circles and even belt out a tune at our sing-a-long. These experiences truly can create more joy and happiness. 

Games are another way to have a whole lot of fun and keep the mind stimulated. Daily trivia and other cognitive games give some healthy competition around the community. But you might find a familiar clinking sound if you head to our game room. Find some new friends racking the cue balls around the billiard table. Joining in a game of bridge or pinochle might even sound like fun. 

Our culinary staff offers educational seminars on nutrition and even a live cooking demo, keeping our residents educated and entertained. In addition to the nutrition seminars, guest speakers, and entertainment, finding ways for our residents to stay engaged is as simple as offering new information. 

Wellness Wednesdays provide residents with good information on staying healthy and living well. Playing with Virtual Reality technology or going out in nature to explore the local area are ways to stimulate the mind. Encouraging people to explore creates an environment where everyone feels supported in trying something new. 

Keep Moving 

Exercise is good for everyone when done the right way, which is why fitness classes appropriate for all levels of abilities are available for assisted living Castle Rock residents. The National Institute for Aging states that exercise helps with stress, sleep, and depression, improves balance, and can even prevent falls. Here at BridgeWater, we find activities incorporating some form of movement and exercise with social experiences can be highly beneficial and a whole lot of fun. 

Group classes here are not just a place to move but a place to meet new friends and get a lot of community support. Our instructors are caring and compassionate, encouraging each resident to learn and go at their own pace. We invite our residents to enjoy a little dancing with Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance and cardio workout that is done with some lively music. People can find some beneficial mobility and stress relief with our chair yoga classes. The gentle movements of Tai Chi have enormous benefits for participants. Tai Chi can improve balance and muscle strength, manage pain and depression, and even improve memory. You can see why we love to move around here!

While moving is great, taking it outdoors is even better. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains, our community has some beautiful views. A lot of times, our instructors will take classes outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, but what’s lovely is that anyone, at any time, can enjoy a stroll outside on the pathways surrounding our community. Amazingly, exercise indoors and outdoors can reap great benefits and boost serotonin, the happy hormone in your brain. Whether walking with a friend outdoors or taking an outing to a nearby park, everyone benefits from exercise. 

While we have a lot of recreational activities at our assisted living Castle Rock community, we have a whole lot more to offer. Whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, we’d love to invite you to see what it means to live well at Bridgewater Assisted Living. Reach out through our website or give us a call, and you’ll be glad you did!

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