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3 Benefits of Moving into Assisted Living

1. Independent Living

When seniors are asked what their biggest aversion to assisted living is, overwhelmingly, the response is a loss of independence. The fear of losing control after a lifetime of autonomy has undoubtedly caused a number of seniors to delay the transition, only to later regret not having done it sooner. But the reality today is that seniors have more control over their assisted living agreements than ever before.

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, you make the decisions. Our staff works in tandem with you, your family, and your advocate to help you customize your personal care, which can include assistance with daily living activities like hygiene, dressing, and medication management. We also provide 24-hour personal assistance, transportation, and meal services. All of which would take a great deal of time and effort on your own, but because of these kinds of assisted living benefits, you’ll have the freedom to spend your time in ways that suit your personality and interests. You decide if you’re going to go out to join others for activities or if you’d rather spend the day listening to your favorite music in your own, comfortable apartment. You are the driver in the BridgeWater experience.

2. Safety

It can sometimes feel like a wild world and that our ability to keep up with the changes taking place has been severely taxed. We’re concerned for our physical, emotional, and mental safety. It’s impossible to relax if you don’t feel safe, and our physical health depends on relaxation. When we’re stressed, we produce an abundance of hormones that wreak havoc on a person. Fortunately, assisted living communities provide a variety of safety features.

By having buildings with controlled entrances, you can sleep deeply knowing your perimeter is secure. You can arrange scheduled transportation for shopping or doctor visits if driving feels risky—many seniors choose to no longer drive.

Some days, it feels like even our own bodies can trip us up, so each residence is equipped with bathroom safety features like grab bars and emergency call devices. Most importantly, there is on-site emergency response staff to reduce the amount of time it takes to get urgent care.

Finally, housekeeping, meal services, and paid utilities ensure that you are clean, eating well, and in no danger of losing power. When the major safety aspects are so thoroughly addressed, it’s easy to feel safe.

3. Socialization

Community keeps you alive, vibrant, and engaged. There is no need to be lonely with almost 8 billion people on this planet, but finding your community is just not as easy as we get older. Having access to other people, making human connections, and developing relationships with neighbors, new friends, and care providers makes socialization one of the most important assisted living benefits.

An assisted living community is a group of neighbors who have the potential to become friends. Activities, social gatherings, holidays, and happy hours are regularly occurring, allowing for frequent opportunities to get connected with other people. Lounges, libraries, and fitness centers are all great locations to integrate and engage, to explore, learn, and practice.

Don’t hesitate to look into what is available today for your independence, safety, and quality of life in assisted living. It might surprise you.