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3 Considerations When Looking At Assisted Living Prices Near Phoenix

It’s important to do your research when looking at assisted living in Phoenix, or anywhere. Each assisted living community has different things to offer in terms of location, amenities, services, staff, and more, and not all assisted living communities are the same. 

Assisted living will not just be your new home, it will be your new community as well. Because of this, the price can vary. You may experience some sticker shock, but to help make things easier, here are three considerations you should have when looking at assisted living prices near Phoenix:

1. Financial Solutions

After asking about the price of an assisted living community in Phoenix, it’s important you ask, or look online, to see if financial solutions are available. 

For instance, at BridgeWater Assisted Living, we try our best to make senior living affordable. We accept and assist with many affordable financial solutions for our residents, including Medicaid via the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS). Additionally, if you are a veteran or a surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be entitled to Veteran’s Pension Benefits, which we also accept to help pay for the cost of assisted living in our community.

2. Income-Qualified Opportunities and Staff to Support

Some assisted living communities offer income-qualified opportunities. We are proud to offer this to our residents at BridgeWater. In order to qualify, you must require daily assistance and have a monthly income that is under $2,240. If you meet these requirements, then you just have to fill out an application and submit the paperwork. 

At Bridgewater, we even have community benefits advocates who can help you with the process. When looking at different assisted living communities, it’s also worth it to explore whether they have staff dedicated to assisting with financial solutions.

3. Compare Costs and Services

Sticker shock when seeing assisted living prices near Phoenix is normal, but it is also important to look beyond the number and see all of the different services and amenities you are getting for that price. Are three meals a day included? Is housekeeping included? Are there social activities happening daily? Is transportation to local downtown areas included? Is there personalized care? These are all things that can affect the price and are also all things that have an impact on how comfortable you are in the assisted living community.

Just comparing the cost of assisted living prices is not enough. You also should be sure to compare the different services offered to get the full picture. Most assisted living communities should have it listed on their website, just like we do. There are considerations you should take when looking at assisted living prices near Phoenix. See whether they offer different financial solutions, have on-site staff to help you navigate the process, and include the services and amenities you enjoy or need. Reach out to Bridgewater today and set up a tour. We’d love to see if we could be a great option for your next community.