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3 Main Goals of Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living may sound like an overwhelming experience.

Moving to assisted living may sound like an overwhelming experience. Many older adults are determined to age at home, in their familiar surroundings and routines. However, it may be difficult to do that as they get older and their needs become more. It may become lonely. It may even become dangerous.

You can be certain, though, that if you or your loved one moves to assisted living, such as our beautiful White Mountains community in Lakeside, Arizona, you can expect the most respectful and effective care our personnel provides. Here are the three main goals of assisted living, no matter whether you come to assisted living in Lakeside or to one of our other communities.

1. Where the Living Is Easy

Our first goal is to help adults live independently in a safe environment. Assisted living is just that—a senior living option for those who require minimal or little assistance in their day-to-day living and care. The main purpose is to help adults live independently and safely. And at White Mountains, our amenities are all designed to make your life much easier, minimizing risk.

If you’re hungry, we have chef-prepared meals every day (and snacks too!). Interested in a book? Come check out our fully stocked library (and we’d love to hear your suggestions if you’re looking for something specific). Transportation is available if you have a doctor’s appointment or shopping to do, eliminating your need to maintain a car or drive yourself. Need a haircut? Visit our beauty salon and pamper yourself. Forget about your chores too—we’ll take care of your housekeeping and provide linen and laundry service.

2. Keeping You Healthy

The second goal is to prevent older adults from experiencing higher rates of illness or injury. The most common type of injury older folks experience in their homes is accidents through falls, which can range from minor to severe. With maintenance staff, cleaning staff, and other personnel nearby to help you with chores, and with medical staff nearby 24/7, your odds of falling are much lower. If you do end up falling, your injuries are likely to be fewer and less severe. And someone will be right there to quickly help you.

Some of our amenities also include engaging activities to keep your mind sharp, workout spaces to keep your body honed, and delicious and nutritious meals in our dining rooms.

3. Without Breaking the Bank

You want to enjoy your retirement and care without worrying about the cost. We make it easy for you to see the costs by invoicing all your utilities on one monthly invoice—not only is it much less confusing, but it’s easier to see and understand what you’re paying for your budgeting purposes.

Financial assistance is also available for those who qualify, such as veterans and their surviving spouses. Long-term care insurance may also be a viable option for you, whether you already have a policy or not. If you have questions about this option, you may contact the American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance.