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3 Must-Ask Questions When Researching Assisted Living in Arizona

As we age, it may become more difficult to take care of ourselves reliably. Daily tasks that were once completed without a thought now become a struggle. Perhaps you or your loved one had an injury from a recent fall that is making personal care difficult. Or maybe you notice critical tasks aren’t being completed for your loved one. Not taking prescription medications properly, bathing, or eating regular meals could be dangerous if neglected. When we can’t manage life-preserving tasks ourselves, it may be time to consider moving into an assisted living community.

It can be overwhelming when it comes time to research assisted living in Arizona for your loved one. There are many things to consider when looking for a new home. BridgeWater Assisted Living lists three questions that should be asked at every assisted living community when considering it as your or your loved one’s new home.

1. What Activities Are Offered Here?

Finding the perfect assisted living community is a personal experience. Each person’s journey will be different, depending on personality, interests, and needs. Not all assisted living communities offer the same activities, and not all personalities blend well. You want to get to know what activities are being offered to residents who live there to see if they match your or your loved one’s interests. Seniors feel much happier when they can engage in hobbies they enjoy, and it helps to maintain cognitive function as well as reduces stress.

Ask to see the weekly activities calendar and look at which activities are being offered. Touring the assisted living community during activities time can help you see how the residents interact with each other and get a sense of how engaged they are with the activities. Seeing the level of social interaction and happiness of the residents can go a long way in determining if this is the right fit for you.

2. What Apartments Are Available Today?

Some assisted living communities in Arizona have a waiting list for apartment openings. This can be a critical question to ask if you need to move in right away. If there is a waiting list, you may want to ask how long the wait will be. Some waiting lists are for private apartments, while others are for those who are using Medicaid, as some assisted living communities only offer a certain number of apartments for those using Medicaid. Depending on your individual situation, this could impact your wait time. Be sure to ask.

3. Is Staff Available for Residents 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a Week?

Most assisted living communities have staff available for residents at all hours of the day and night. However, it’s important to confirm this, especially if you or your loved one will need more hands-on care. Asking which staff will be available on-site and which will be on call can be helpful in determining which assisted living community in Arizona may be the right fit for your needs.

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we offer independent living with as much or little help as needed. To schedule a no-obligation tour with BridgeWater Assisted Living, contact us today.