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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Health

As the new year is getting started, you may find yourself becoming more and more excited for the months ahead.

As the new year is getting started, you may find yourself becoming more and more excited for the months ahead. A great way to keep up that enthusiasm is to make a few New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular subjects that people create resolutions for is their health, and that’s especially relevant in senior living communities. The Mission at Agua Fria has a thriving senior community in Arizona, where senior health is a constant priority. Still, there are individual goals that can be made to even further improve your health. Here are a few resolutions that can contribute to senior health in the new year.

1. Challenge Your Brain

Keeping your brain active and engaged is a great New Year’s resolution that you can make to yourself this year. Mental challenges can help to keep your brain sharp and have the potential to improve your memory. Some mental challenges that seniors enjoy include puzzles, sudoku, quizzes, and crosswords. They are easy to do by yourself, which makes them an even more attainable resolution than ones that require another person. To better your chances of keeping up with your resolution and seeing results, it’s a good idea to put a specific goal or timeline with your resolution. An example would be doing one puzzle a week or completing one crossword a day.

2. Be More Physically Active

Maintaining physical health is of extreme importance, especially for seniors. It can be more tempting to relax as you age, but pushing yourself to be more active can increase overall happiness and is a great New Year’s resolution to implement. One way you can become more active is to take more advantage of communal spaces like the outdoor courtyards at the Mission at Agua Fria. It’s the perfect place to take a stroll. Another way you can become more physically active is to do small exercises inside of your apartment. Light weights and leg lifts are an easy way to get your blood pumping and exercise your body. Though these small changes may not make a big difference when done for a short period, the long-term benefits can be tremendous.

3. Maintain Your Relationships

With the pandemic making such drastic changes in senior communities, it’s more important than ever to maintain your relationships. Healthy relationships can contribute to better overall health as well as mental health. One way you can work to maintain your relationships in the new year is to take advantage of technology. Video chatting, text messages, and phone calls are great ways to keep up with the people you love inside and outside of your senior living community. They can help to keep you engaged with a social life and not feel like you’re losing time with loved ones because of the restrictions in place due to the pandemic. Another way you can maintain your relationships is to implement a weekly communication goal. Hobbies like letter writing are a nice way to reach out to people without needing to see them in-person and can be an easier way to maintain relationships for some people. Pick a different person to write to each week, and you’ll increase your chances of receiving letters in return.