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3 Things to Love About Senior Living in the Desert

When it’s time to start thinking about retirement, deciding where to live can be a challenge.

When it’s time to start thinking about retirement, deciding where to live can be a challenge. Without the need for a 9:00 to 5:00, you can virtually retire anywhere you like to. The world is yours to explore with your hard-earned free time. Still, many people are choosing a desert environment to call home as they settle into retired life.

Senior living in the desert comes with many benefits and advantages. Some people enjoy living in the desert because of the weather, while others enjoy the environment that comes with living with so many other seniors. Living in the desert is an easy choice when you see all that communities like the Mission at Agua Fria have to offer. A great community mixed with the enjoyments of living in the desert can make retirement some of your best years yet.

If you’re considering senior living in the desert but still aren’t sure if it’d be a good fit, it won’t take much convincing. Here are a few things that people love about senior living in the desert.

1. Great Weather

Most people don’t picture their senior years being spent in the freezing cold. They want to make the most out of their days by having the majority of them be sunny. For this reason alone, senior living in the desert is the perfect option. The consistent weather that you get in the desert means that you’ll never have to spend long seasons in the rain or snow again.

In Peoria, Arizona, residents get an average of 0 inches of snow each year, and it’s known to average more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Though the temperature itself can become high, the desert heat provides much less humidity, making the dry heat more bearable for most people. Senior living in the desert allows for more days that can be enjoyed outdoors, while you enjoy the gorgeous desert scenery.

2. Large Senior Population

When you think of the desert, a thriving senior population probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind, but it should be. Seniors from all over the country are flocking to places like Arizona in search of desert senior living communities. An estimated 18 percent of all adults living in Arizona are above the age of 65, giving seniors many similarly aged people to interact with. A large number of seniors in Arizona further proves that not only are seniors choosing to move to Arizona, they’re also choosing to stay.

3. Top-Notch Senior Living Communities

With so many seniors living in and looking to move to the desert, senior living communities have become very popular. A senior living community is able to meet all of your everyday needs and allow you to live in a safe environment where your health needs can also be met. Seniors looking into senior living in the desert will love communities like the Mission at Agua Fria for their retirement.

At the Mission at Agua Fria, there are a wide variety of amenities and programs to keep residents active and involved. Residents enjoy community features such as a gym, solarium, beauty salon, chapel, and much more. They feel safe knowing that there’s on-site care staff available 24 hours a day, medication management assistance, and scheduled transportation to local services. With features such as weekly housekeeping and linen service to take care of everyday chores, residents are able to spend their free time as they choose.