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3 Tips for Active Independent Senior Living

It’s understandable to be hesitant about the loss of independence when the time comes for the transition into assisted senior living. As much as the amenities and health monitoring can help, no senior wants to feel like a prisoner.

Thankfully, it’s possible to find a program that provides those benefits and also allows residents to live their lives their way. Read on below for some things to look for to ensure you can find active independent senior living.

1. Look for Active Independent Senior Living That Gives You Access to the Outside World

Just because you’re in senior living doesn’t mean it’s time to stop having fun. You may picture a senior living community as being isolated, but that’s often not the case. You can still live near places and activities that excite and interest you. The right senior living program will give you the freedom to make fun day trips.

BridgeWater communities are near exciting places like national parks, museums, and gorgeous natural vistas. We want to make sure our residents have the freedom to experience what the area has to offer. You can still go shopping, eat at a restaurant, get a haircut, go see a movie, take a class, volunteer, and so forth. Being able to do the things you love will help you be happier and healthier. And you can take fun day trips with the new friends you make.

At BridgeWater, our active independent senior living program has regular bus trips that will take residents to medical appointments, downtown areas, shopping centers, or wherever. We also allow residents to drive themselves. Or we can schedule transportation for you if you want. We make sure our residents never feel stuck.

2. Eat the Food You Want

Senior living will provide meals for residents. This is helpful for making sure you get three tasty and nutritious meals a day. But another benefit of active independent senior living? Having your own kitchen to make your own food. So if you still want to make your favorite recipes, make dinner for new friends, or have your family visit for a home-cooked meal, you can.

At BridgeWater, one of the reasons our apartments feel like a new home is the kitchens. And our community dining options are available whenever. We also want to give you decisions in our restaurant-style dining room. Residents are free to make suggestions, share recipes, and even have fun happy hours.

3. Choose Senior Living That Keeps Residents Active, Engaged, and Independent

BridgeWater offers many exciting and engaging activities, programs, events, and more. We encourage residents to keep learning and discovering new things. You’ll have plenty of freedom to do the activities you love already or to try something that could be a new passion. Having the independence to stay active and have fun is great for mind, body, spirit, and confidence.

At BridgeWater, we make it our purpose to provide the best quality active independent senior living. Let us take care of the housekeeping, maintenance, and health monitoring. Our amenities will allow you to focus on living your happy, fun, independent, full life. You can find more information about BridgeWater Assisted Living on our website. You can contact us with any questions or stop by to tour one of our senior living communities.