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3 Tips for Downsizing a Senior’s Home to Move Into Senior Apartments in Phoenix

A senior’s move from their home into assisted living can be an adjustment. But it doesn’t mean they have to leave all their belongings behind. Instead, the trick is finding smart ways to downsize. Read on below to see some tips to make sure their new Phoenix senior apartment still feels like home.

1. Sort Out Which Items Are the Most Important

When the senior is still in their house, it helps to pick the essentials for everyday use. For instance, certain kitchen supplies, their bed, and storage like a clothing dresser.
Seniors don’t need all the decorations or knick-knacks. But that doesn’t mean their most precious items can’t make the journey with them. Make sure to note the family photos, any heirlooms, meaningful art, and any other significant items.
At BridgeWater’s senior apartments in Phoenix, residents are encouraged to decorate with their signature style. See if there are some specific décor items that will make the apartment feel like home. Or, if the senior wants, they can decorate the apartment in a whole new way.

2. Know the Floor Plan of the Senior Apartment in Phoenix

In many cases, seniors move into the Phoenix apartments from their family homes. By comparison, an apartment doesn’t need nearly as many things. Of course, there still should be some extras. Seniors will love inviting their new friends and neighbors over. And they’ll want to be prepared for family visits.
Part of the downsizing process is figuring out how to capture the spirit of the home in a smaller abode. And it will help tremendously to know the exact layout of the new place and how much space there is in the apartment.
It won’t do any good to go through the whole downsizing process and then find the apartment is smaller than you thought. That would mean starting the process all over again.
In addition to being better prepared, knowing the floor plan helps the senior start to visualize their new place. Thinking about how everything should be arranged may make them more excited about the move.

3. Plan Accordingly, and Give Yourself and the Senior Plenty of Time

The best downsizing process will vary for each individual situation. But if you’re at a loss, there are a number of ways to start tackling the clutter. These include:
Going from room to room. A whole house may seem intimidating, so this is one way to take it on little by little.
Start small. Don’t immediately throw yourself into the largest or most problematic room. Small rooms and items, plus known guarantees, get things off on the right foot.
Be aware of which areas will be more trouble than others. Have a plan so you won’t be caught off guard.
Sort into piles. Typically, downsizers put items into three categories—keep, toss, and give away. In this case, the giveaway pile can also be used for the senior to decide which family members, friends, and loved ones they want to give certain items to.
Most importantly, do not under any circumstances wait until the last minute. If possible, give yourself a three-month start. Even if you think downsizing will go drama-free, it will still take time.
You can find more information about BridgeWater’s senior apartments in Phoenix on our website. Want to see what the apartments look like in person? No problem! You can even schedule a tour right on our website as well.