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3 Tips for Emotional Wellness in Assisted Living in Arizona

We transition our senior loved ones into an assisted living community when they no longer have the ability to manage everyday tasks on their own and will require some level of assistance each day. Losing one’s independence can come with some emotional struggles along the way.

It’s vital to consider our loved ones’ emotional wellness as well as physical well-being, as they go hand in hand in keeping our loved ones healthy and happy. And helping our loved ones maintain a positive mental outlook is imperative to maintaining their physical health. BridgeWater Assisted Living in Arizona offers some ways to help your senior loved ones keep up their emotional wellness.

1. Socializing with Other Community Members

At BridgeWater Assisted Living in Arizona, there are many opportunities to spend time with other community members and make friends. There is an on-site library to enjoy, where they can have some quiet time reading around others who enjoy the same pastime. For those who enjoy crafts, there are art classes available to help them grow their artistic abilities with others.

There are plenty of gathering spaces both indoors and out to play board games or sit and talk about life with friends. However they choose to socialize, it’s a great motivator to stay healthy, and it helps keep cognitive functions active.

2. They Decide How Their Day Is Spent

When seniors retire to an assisted living community, one common fear is that they’ll lose control of their day-to-day. Nobody wants to be told what to do all day. That’s why at BridgeWater Assisted Living, our community members decide how they spend their time. Regaining a sense of control after moving into their new home helps to reassure them that this is still their life and they have their own choices and control. Being able to choose how to live their own daily lives helps them to maintain emotional wellness.

3. Getting Involved with Their Community

Another great way to maintain positive emotional wellness is to give meaning to one’s life. Here at BridgeWater, we’re always looking for ways to help give our seniors a sense of community and purpose. There are many opportunities to give back to the local community by engaging with local events within the community, whether it’s volunteering or helping with community projects as needed. We are always looking for opportunities for our seniors to contribute.

They can also travel to visit museums or enjoy a play with friends or family, or perhaps they would like to dine out at a restaurant instead of in-house. Engaging with their local community helps keep that positive mental attitude that will help with both physical health and mental acuity.

It’s much easier to maintain positive emotional wellness when our seniors are surrounded by friends and are doing the things they choose to do each day. Contact us at BridgeWater Assisted Living for more information on how to become a resident.