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3 Tips for Making New Friends in Assisted Living

Unfortunately, feelings of depression and isolation are common in seniors.

Unfortunately, feelings of depression and isolation are common in seniors. The good news is that there are ways of combating this, and one of those ways is by moving to an assisted living community in Peoria. In assisted living, you are surrounded by other seniors in a similar stage of life, experiencing the same things and living in the same environment. You are surrounded by people who can become your new friends. So how can you make new friends in your assisted living community in Peoria? It’s easier than you think. Here are three tips to help you make lots of new friends:

1. Take Part in Events and Programs

Most assisted living in Peoria have some sort of socialization or enrichment programs as part of their schedule. For instance, at the Mission at Agua Fria, we offer cultural and recreation programs, social events, excursions, and enrichment programs all meant for our residents to take advantage of. Residents get to take part in activities and experiences of their choice, and can meet other residents who are also interested in the same things. By regularly going to activities, you will begin recognizing others who attend these activities, making it easier to strike up a conversation.

2. Take Advantage of Community Features

If the assisted living home in Peoria has community features, take advantage of them! At the Mission at Agua Fria, we have a theater, gym, lounges, computer center, solarium, game room, and an outdoor courtyard for our residents to use at their convenience. While using these community features, you are seeing others who are also using them. For instance, if you’re in the game room, ask someone else in there if they’d like to play against you. If you’re in the outdoor courtyard, start a conversation with someone about the weather. Enjoying community features of your assisted living will not only provide you with something to do and allow you to see other people, but they will also give you ample topics of conversation.

3. Eat Outside of Your Room

Your apartment likely has a kitchen in it, so you can cook your meals if you choose! However, you may not want to cook every night if the assisted living also offers restaurant-style dining. Eating in the restaurant or dining room on-site will get you out of your room and get you around other residents. Everyone has to eat, so there’s a great chance there will be a lot of people in the dining room at the same time. This gives you a lot of opportunities to make new friends as there are so many people to befriend. Sit down at a table with new people you don’t already know and start a conversation about the food. Then ask them about any hobbies or interests they have and make a plan to attend one of the social events together. The dining hall is a great place to make new friends. As you can see, assisted living communities offer myriad ways for you to get to know your neighbors and the people in your community. Reach out to us here at Mission at Agua Fria and set up a tour to see the other amenities we offer our residents!