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4 Benefits of Living in Arizona

If you have never made your way to Arizona, you may not understand why this state is so appealing to so many or why so many retirees wish to call it home.

If you have never made your way to Arizona, you may not understand why this state is so appealing to so many or why so many retirees wish to call it home. You may be under the impression that Arizona is just a vast desert, and while much of Arizona is a desert, Arizona also boasts some beautiful mountains that get snow during the winter. Here are a few of the many benefits of living in Arizona.

1. Arizona Weather

One of the biggest benefits of living in Arizona is the warm weather almost year-round. There are some cold days, even mountains where you can snowboard or ski, and summer can be extremely hot for a few months, but most of the year, you can be outside enjoying the comfortable, warm temperatures.

Living in warm weather contributes to less joint pain and, in general, fewer aches and pains. Not only does the absence of severe cold keep your joints from hurting, but with all the outdoor recreation available year-round, it’s possible to stay active, making Arizona a wonderful place to retire.

Being able to experience about 300 days a year of sunshine also helps with receiving enough vitamin D. This lowers the chance of a vitamin D deficiency, and as we age, vitamin D synthesis becomes less efficient.

There are many outdoor advantages due to the warm weather. And while the beautiful sunsets aren’t directly the result of warm weather, it definitely makes sitting outside with a cold iced tea pretty magical.

2. Reasonable Cost of Living

The average cost of living in the United States is measured starting at a base of 100. Anything more than average is over 100 and less expensive than average is under 100. Arizona comes in at 102.2, which is just barely above the national average cost of living.

Utilities are higher here to cool off your home during the hotter months, but groceries and medical costs come in lower than the national average, which is a much larger portion of one’s budget. Arizona lands in the middle of the list of states, meaning that living here on average income is feasible.

3. Easy to Navigate

Often, trying to navigate a new town can be overwhelming or intimidating. However, Arizona’s infrastructure has been planned very well and makes commuting very simple. Roads are very straight and well-labeled, and there are multiple lanes to accommodate for higher traffic times. The biggest thing to remember is to fill up your tank before taking a longer trip, as there is plenty of empty desert terrain between cities.

4. Rich Economy

Arizona has one of the richest economies in the United States. In fact, Arizona’s economy is larger than the countries of Ireland, New Zealand, and Finland. Because Arizona has been a progressive state when it comes to innovation, many start-up companies launched their businesses in an Arizona city. For instance, it was one of the first states to open up rideshares like Lyft and Uber.

In truth, the list of benefits of living in Arizona has many more. If you’re an Arizona native or are interested in making Arizona your retirement home, our wonderful team at Solterra would love to help answer any questions you have.