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4 Features of Exceptional Senior Living

When your elderly relatives are looking for a home where they can spend their golden years, you don’t want them to live just anywhere.

When your elderly relatives are looking for a home where they can spend their golden years, you don’t want them to live just anywhere. It’s natural to want to ensure your loved ones are getting the best experience possible in their later life, after all. When you help your relatives look for a community to call home, you want to help them find truly exceptional senior living. But what does that look like?

In this article, we’ll look at the four features that define a truly exceptional senior living community for your elderly loved ones to call home.

What Are the Features of an Exceptional Senior Living Community?

As with any good segment of advice, it can help to divide the response down into a handy mnemonic device. In this case, you should follow the 4 Ses of exceptional senior living:

  • Safety
  • Supportive
  • Social
  • Staff(ed very well)

1. Security

It’s a simple question—will your elderly loved ones be safe and secure in this community? While “safety” most often brings to mind protecting against external dangers, like thieves, it can also involve ensuring the safety of residents due to other factors. For instance, if your elderly parent has Alzheimer’s disease, how will the senior living community make sure they don’t wander without proper supervision and get lost? Alternatively, what precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of disease?

However, you don’t want their new senior living community to feel like a prison either. The most exceptional senior living should feel not just safe but also warm and welcoming.

2. Supportive

Every person, in their golden years, has different needs and faces different challenges. The best senior living communities will help them meet all these different needs. Physical challenges are one thing; mental challenges like Alzheimer’s are another. Your senior living home should be prepared to support its residents whatever their needs may be.

3. Social

It’s said that no man is an island, and that’s very much true in senior living communities. Your senior living community should feel, well, like a community. There should be many different options for socialization, exercise, entertainment, and other activities for your elderly loved ones to enjoy with their new neighbors.

Socialization is key to mental stimulation and happiness, and the most exceptional senior living communities in the country will be social clubs where your relatives will make countless new friends—and have a blast doing so.

4. Staff(ed Very Well)

You could have a senior living community in the most extravagant island resort complex, but without the right staff, it wouldn’t matter at all. A senior living community must have staff that is well-trained, friendly, and professional.

The staff members at the community will be who help your elderly relatives, being instructors, medical practitioners, and friends. You should make sure that wherever your loved ones are looking to settle down, it’s with a staff that’s courteous and will treat them right. The right staff can make an exceptional senior living community, but the wrong ones can break it.

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