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4 Ways to Enjoy Independent Senior Living Near Phoenix

One of the most common concerns people have with moving into a senior living community is an expected loss of independence. Will I still be able to go out and visit my family on my own schedule? Will I be able to plan my day myself, or will I be living what other people plan for me?

Fortunately, these concerns are almost always unwarranted. While many senior living communities offer assisted living options for older people who need assistance with daily activities, a significant portion of residents enjoy independent living arrangements, which are exactly that: designed to preserve your independence. Here are some of the many ways you can expect to enjoy independent living near Phoenix, Arizona.

#1: Enjoy a Welcoming Resort-Style Life

One great way to think of independent living, near Phoenix or anywhere else, is that it’s like staying at a resort on vacation. Community staff, like those at Solterra Senior Living, will handle things like grounds maintenance—no need to mow the lawn every weekend—and will clean your apartment once a week. Beyond that, your daily routine is up to you.

You can choose to avail yourself of your community’s offerings as much—or as little—as you choose. Do you want to sign up for daily exercise classes or yoga on weekends to work on your flexibility? You can.

#2: Get to Know Your Community

You’re not the only person living independently near Phoenix. Your community will be packed full of people like you. Your new neighbors will have plenty of stories to tell from lives well lived, just like you do, and a good independent living community will facilitate that with tons of potential activities you and your new close friends can share.

Whether you want to hit the links and play some golf, establish your Scrabble mastery in a game room, or see a film together in an on-site theatre, you’re bound to find tons of exciting ways to bond with the vibrant independent living community around you.

#3: Visit with Family

While enjoying independent living near Phoenix, you can still do everything you did before, only in a new environment. This means that if you want to go visit your family—or invite your family to visit you in your new home—you absolutely can. Independent living communities offer safe, comfortable residences to come home to while still giving you the independence to live your life the way you want, and spending time with precious family is absolutely part of it.

#4: Explore Phoenix

One of the best parts about independent living near Phoenix is the part where you’re, well, near Phoenix! Phoenix is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the country, and for good reason. There are tons of great activities to do in Phoenix, from day trips to the Grand Canyon and exploring the vibrant artistic culture of the city, to experiencing an incredible Southwest culinary scene and even catching a Suns or Diamondbacks game. When you’re enjoying independent living near Phoenix, one of America’s great cities is open to you—and your independent living community can even arrange travel.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy independent living in the US. How will you spend your golden years?