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5 Assisted Living Activities That Promote Wellness and Joy

5 Assisted Living Activities That Promote Wellness and Joy

Walking on the path of health and wellness is vital to ensuring a vibrant lifestyle. Finding new ways to stay on that path is a journey we help our residents explore here at Solterra Senior Living. Our communities are based on a holistic concept of wellness that incorporates our residents’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. From that, we have created assisted living activities designed to find more joy and fulfillment in daily life.

Each day brings a new opportunity to experience what we’ve named the eight elements of well-being. We define them as Living Adventurously, Artistically, Cognitively, Mindfully, Musically, Physically, Socially, and Spiritually. These are concepts that we infuse into our daily life here.

It starts with a caring and supportive environment where everyone matters and is valued. Our community empowers our residents with knowledge and opportunities to explore what it means to live a rich and meaningful life. Here are five assisted living activities that we have found to promote wellness, joy, and positivity for seniors that we offer.

Creative Expression

Studies have shown that creative expression, whether art or music, directly correlates to better mood, positivity, and happiness. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it; the benefits remain the same. Here at Solterra, we call this ‘Living Artistically.” It works because creative activities are stimulating and almost always fun.

There’s a sense of accomplishment and the benefit of learning something new that comes with exploring our artistic sides. When participating in classes like Paint and Sip or Clay Creations, the only artistic mistakes made are the ones you don’t share a good laugh about. The musically inclined can find their inner rock star in our drum circles, even belt out a tune during music therapy. It’s the opportunity to create for the sake of creating that people find joy in. 


Exercise promotes overall physical health, and the benefits to the brain and emotional well-being are well-researched. Improved mood, lower stress levels, strength, and agility are just a few of the benefits of regular exercise and improved physical and cognitive health. By incorporating a social aspect, like group classes, movement becomes an essential part of the wellness path and can be a whole lot of fun!

It can be as simple as walking around the grounds or going for a walk to a nearby park with a group of friends. Walking has been shown to improve sleep. Good sleep is key to physical and mental health. Trying out a new fitness machine or meeting a group at the gym can be a great way to connect with others. Joining group fitness activities like Zumba or Tai Chi, even attending a community dance event, can be a fun way to learn something new and make some new friends doing it. It helps us stay positive and find new ways to keep healthy. 


You don’t have to put your foot behind your head to get the benefits of yoga, and there’s a long list of benefits. From improved stress management, better balance, pain relief, and overall improved mental resilience, yoga is a powerhouse for wellness. While many consider yoga a physical practice, the practice incorporates breathing techniques that help the body release tension and stress.

What makes yoga different from other forms of exercise is its mindfulness aspects. Mindfulness is simply the act of paying attention to the present moment, which helps with cognitive function. Combine that with physical movements to improve strength and mobility in a group class setting, and yoga checks off all the wellness boxes. 


That inner kid still lives in all of us. While we might not climb trees anymore, we all have a playful side. That’s why playing games ranks high on our list of assisted living activities. 

Not only does playing games help us laugh and find joy, but it really helps with cognitive abilities and memory, too. Doing crossword puzzles or participating in daily community games keeps the mind sharp. Whether it’s trivia games or just a rowdy game of pinochle, games help us connect with others. When playing games with others, we share in the joy of celebrating our and each other’s wins. There are no losers when we play this way.

Community-Based Activities

This is one of the key aspects to promote wellness, joy, and positivity for seniors: community. Being a part of a community, experiencing new adventures together, and having conversations over meals are a massive part of finding joy and connection. When we are being a part of the conversation and sharing our joy and gratitude with each other, this significantly affects our positivity. Research has shown that sharing their joy increases an individual’s joy

Recreational activities are great at creating new friendships. Whether sharing creations at community art gallery events or going out on a daily adventure, having a variety of fun opportunities is key. Entertainment nights, movie nights, birthday parties, and weekly happy hours are just a few of our community activities we have found our residents to enjoy.

Learning and growing together creates a more profound experience for everyone. Community talks on nutrition, health, and other topics with invited guest speakers stimulate the mind and start the conversation. It helps create a sense of connection that we all learn together and from each other and that learning is never done.

Connecting spiritually is another aspect of community. Whether that’s meditation, bible study, energy healing or another spiritual practice, it can be a foundation for someone’s connection to a deeper life experience. Having a shared sense of life is a beautiful way to forge deeper bonds and friendships.By integrating the eight elements of well-being, we have created an environment for individuals to find fulfillment, experience joy and positivity in their daily lives. To experience what our lifestyle is like, join us for a free tour at our Lakeside or Chandler locations.