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5 BridgeWater Activities You Can Enjoy Without Leaving Home

There is enough to worry about in life. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we want our residents to worry less and to live life more. Because of this, we strive to provide a fun environment.

We want all our residents to have an enjoyable experience, without even needing to leave home. From various social events to happy hours, there are many BridgeWater activities for you to take part in. Our residents don’t have to do any of the planning; we take care of all of that for you. All you simply need to do is attend the activity and enjoy it.

Happy Hour Bar

Who says that happy hour has to stop happening once you stop working? Not us here at BridgeWater. We have a Happy Hour Bar for you to enjoy. Go ahead, have a drink with other residents. You may just make a new friend or find your new favorite drink.

Movie Theatre

Going to the movies has been an activity enjoyed by all for decades. Because of this, we have an in-house movie theatre where you can enjoy the movie experience without having to leave home. Go by yourself or with friends, it doesn’t matter. Sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the movie.

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon right on-site? Of course! It’s a full-service salon too, since we know that looking good can help our residents feel good as well. We understand how important it is for things to continue to be as normal as possible in this new environment. Simply get your hair cut or try out something new. It’s entirely up to you. All you have to do is let us know what you want.


Our library is stacked with books and magazines so you have a choice of which you prefer to read. What better escape is there than to escape inside a book? You may find one of your old favorites in our library or fall in love with something new in our wide selection of books.

Wellness Center

Our on-site wellness center is well-equipped with quality equipment. It’s always available for our residents to use when they need it. In addition to this, if our residents feel like they’d like to meet with a therapist of their choice—a speech therapist, occupational therapist, or physical therapist, for example—they also have the freedom to do so here at the wellness center.

At BridgeWater, we believe it’s so important for our residents to continue to do the things that they have always loved and to continue to live their best lives. That’s why we want to fill their lives with purpose and meaning. Because of this, we offer a wide range of events and activities for residents to take part in every day. This helps to engage and nurture them overall—their minds, bodies, and spirits. Our residents are free to spend their time on the BridgeWater activities that they enjoy the most and find the most interesting.