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5 Questions to Ask When Searching for the Best Assisted Living in Arizona

We all know it’s important to do research before making any big life changes.

We all know it’s important to do research before making any big life changes. Searching for the best assisted living in Arizona is no different. The problem is, not everyone knows what questions they should be asking to filter out living communities that aren’t the right fit for their needs. Or what to ask to find the right one. While we believe the Mission at Agua Fria can offer senior residents exactly what they need and want, we want you to believe it too. So we have come up with five questions to ask as you search for the best assisted living in Peoria, Arizona.

1. How Does the Community Support My Independence?

As we get older, some of the most monumental moments are the ones that increase our independence and control over our lives, such as getting our driver’s license or being able to vote. Just because you have hit a new stage in your life doesn’t mean you want, or should have to, relinquish that self-sufficiency. So be sure to ask what programs, care options, and community amenities are in place to ensure your or your loved one’s independence. The best assisted living communities in Peoria, AZ, will tailor their services and support to your needs. For example, at the Mission as Agua Fria, a licensed nurse completes assessments for all residents prior to moving in. This includes taking into account prior medical history, personal care needs, preferences, and interests to ensure we deliver only the care you need and desire. In this way, you or your loved one lives comfortably on your own terms.

2. Is Progressive Care Available?

Some communities focus on independent living, assisted living, or memory care, but as you age and your needs increase, moving can be difficult, stressful, and expensive. Since we all want our lives, especially our retirement, to be stress-free and about enjoying our time, it’s important to ask if the senior living community offers transitional care as your needs change. This can include the need to transition from independent living to assisted living, or from assisted living to memory care in the case of Alzheimer’s or dementia. It can be so much more comforting as our needs change for our surroundings, support, and friends not to also change.

3. Is There a Memory Care Program?

Our later years can sometimes include changes in our memory and cognitive capabilities. Since we don’t always know if this will be a factor in our senior years, finding an assisted living community with a memory care program already in place can make things easier if signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia come up. Memory care communities have a specific focus on ensuring safe and secure living for their residents. For example, the Mission at Agua Fria has staff specially trained and certified to support memory care residents. Memory care programs are also designed to support the body and mind. This includes programs that incorporate various mental stimulation activities, such as art, sensory integration, and music, to ensure the best quality of life for you or your loved ones.

4. How Does the Community Support Healthy and Active Senior Living?

This question is two-fold. Not only do you want to learn how the assisted living community will support your health through meals, exercise, and mental stimulation, but you also want to know about the surrounding health care options should a greater medical concern arise. The best assisted living in Peoria, AZ, will focus on your nutrition, physical activity, and intellectual engagement. At the Mission, we make sure to provide three well-rounded nutritious meals served daily in restaurant-style dining. The community includes a gym, as well as recreational activities to keep our residents moving. Cultural programs, social events, and excursions are also standard within the community. While assisted living communities have trained and knowledgeable care staff to assist with medication management, personal care, and assistance with activities of daily living, you should always consider the surrounding health care system as well. If a serious injury or condition occurs, you want to be near a good hospital. Assisted living in Peoria, Arizona, comes with the added benefit of 5 fully equipped hospitals within a 15-minute drive of any part of the city. Peoria is also home to the Plaza Del Rio health care campus, the largest off-hospital campus medical community in all of Arizona. With such a focus on the health and care of its citizens, you can be sure you’ll be well taken care of in Peoria.

5. What Is the City Like?

Assisted Living can offer many rewarding programs, activities, and dining within their own grounds, but it’s nice to get out and about. This means you want to be located in an area you would like to explore. Depending on what appeals to you, it’s important to not only research the assisted living community but also the city. Consider questions such as: Are there dining places I’d want to try in town? What kinds of activities, both indoor and outdoor, are nearby? These can have a big impact on the overall enjoyment of your new home. In Peoria, AZ, there is a little bit of everything for everyone. You’re near enough to the major metropolitan activity of Phoenix, but also close to relaxing natural getaways, like the hiking and water activities at Lake Pleasant. The city is full of theaters, art galleries, and museums. It has various festivals throughout the year, including the popular All-American Festival on the Fourth of July, the Halloween Monster Bash in October, and the Old Town Holiday festival. For the foodies, there is a wide range of dining experiences, including steakhouses, gastro pubs, barbecues, and pizzerias. You’ll also find all the cuisines you could ever crave, whether it’s delicious spicy Mexican, homey Italian, traditional American, or exotic Thai food. Peoria will provide you with endless entertainment and adventure throughout your retirement. As you search for the best assisted living in Peoria, Arizona, we hope these questions will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to learn more about the Mission at Agua Fria and schedule a tour, we’re here to assist you. We look forward to supporting you in the next stage of your life.