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5 Tips to Help You Thrive in Retirement Living

Retirement is a big milestone.

Retirement is a big milestone. You’ve worked hard your entire life to enjoy these best years. While it’s important to enjoy your retirement, at the Mission at Agua Fria, we want you to thrive in retirement living. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities, everyone at the Mission at Agua Fria is here to help you enjoy each day to the fullest.

1. Find a Physician You Trust

While this may seem like a less important aspect of thriving in retirement living, finding a physician you trust is a necessity. When you find someone you trust and respect, you’ll be more likely to go regularly to your visits and checkups. Staying on top of your health is one of the most important ways to thrive as a senior, and finding a doctor you trust will allow you to be with them long-term, which in turn allows them to give you better medical care since they’ll have a better picture of your needs.

2. Social Connections

Another aspect of thriving in retirement is keeping up your social life. Your social connections aren’t just important but one of the most fun things about retirement living. The old friendships and bonds you can strengthen as well the new friendships you can make by joining a group, a class, or even volunteering can be rewarding and help keep your mind sharp. There are many studies on how social connections are good for the brain. This article from Psychology Today is a great in-depth look at how social networks shape our health and happiness. At the Mission at Agua Fria, we’re happy to help you plan activities to strengthen your social connections. Take a look at all of the amenities we have to offer.

3. Routine

One of the best things you can do for yourself in retirement living is to have a good routine. It might sound as if you have to give up on fun, but it’s quite the opposite. While some flexibility in a schedule is best, having a good day-to-day routine will help you manage your health and time. Not only does it help you take care of your basic needs, but it gives you the ability to take part in activities you truly enjoy in your free time. Making sure you’re going to bed and waking up at a consistent time will help your body fall asleep faster and get the rest you need. Being in the habit of eating healthy is also an important part of a good routine. While splurging every now and then is encouraged, regularly choosing healthy foods will help boost your immune system. That’s why at the Mission at Agua Fria we offer residents three healthy, chef-prepared meals each day. Another important part of your routine to help keep you healthy and boost your energy is exercise. Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day can make a world of difference. Not only does regular exercise boost your immunity, but it keeps your body strong and improves your mood. Whether you prefer an outdoor stroll or visiting a gym, the Mission at Agua Fria can meet your needs. As strange as it might sound, staying on top of your budget is also important for thriving in retirement. Continuing to make healthy financial decisions gives you the freedom to enjoy the extras of retirement as well as financial peace of mind. For more information about managing the cost of assisted living, check our website.

4. Keep Dreaming

Retirement can be a huge change. Getting to relax and have time for the things you never had time to do before retirement is exciting but can also be an adjustment. It’s important to continue to have goals and to keep striving to reach them. Let yourself get excited about all the things you now have time to do. Dreaming and coming up with goals are important, and retirement is also your chance to achieve them. Write your dreams and goals down and make a plan to accomplish them. Here are a few ideas to get you started with some new, and maybe some old, dreams:

Learn a new language

While it’s true that it’s easier to learn another language, or multiple languages, when we’re younger, the human brain is an incredible organ, and because of its neuroplasticity, we can still learn a language at any age.


Writing has an incredible effect on the brain. Writing boosts your memory, exercises both of your brain’s hemispheres, and enhances your learning ability. Journaling and physically writing out your memories can help process emotions, engaging multiple parts of the brain. Starting a thankful journal is a great way to keep all the positives in your life fresh in your mind.

Take a class

It’s never too late to learn. We live in a world where knowledge is literally at our fingertips—there’s an endless number of online classes to take advantage of, many of them available at no cost. If you’d prefer to learn in-person, many classes at community colleges are not only affordable, but most of them you can audit and take simply for the pleasure of learning something new. If a structured class isn’t your style, there are plenty of how-to videos on the web for any subject that interests you.

Learn to play an instrument

Or pick up an instrument you haven’t played in years, possibly decades. Not only is music good for the soul, playing an instrument keeps your brain sharp. This is another activity where lessons can be accessed online.

5. Give Back

Volunteering is a great way to help others, and it gives retirees the opportunity to work with something they’re passionate about. Many studies have shown that giving to others brings us joy, contributes to multiple health benefits, and helps people on the receiving end as well. As a senior citizen, you have many things to offer. Whether knitting, sewing, teaching a class, or cooking, finding your strengths and sharing them with others is a gift that keeps on giving. The possibilities are endless. There are a few more ideas in this post. If you enjoy working with younger generations, a Stanford report shares the benefits for our youth as well as our older community. Here at the Mission at Agua Fria, we look forward to helping you not only navigate retirement living but thrive in it. If you’re near Peoria, Arizona, we’d be happy to help you achieve all your goals. Feel free to give us a call today. We look forward to talking to you.