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5 Ways Activity Programs Like Equilibrium Fight Cognitive Decline

When you or a loved one starts exhibiting signs of cognitive decline, it can be very scary. You may feel hopeless and assume there’s no possible way to help it. However, while there may be no cure right now, there is still something you can do to fight memory loss.

One of your options is to join an assisted living community with a memory care activity program, such as Equilibrium at BridgeWater Assisted Living. This is an approach we utilize for seniors who are experiencing cognitive decline. Could it be exactly what you or your loved one needs? Read on to find out more information about the ways programs like our Equilibrium activities approach work to provide cognitive benefits.

Boosts Spirits

Programs like Equilibrium aim to improve mood and quality of life. When someone starts experiencing symptoms of dementia, it’s likely they’ll begin feeling more and more restless, anxious, and depressed. Stress is known to negatively affect both your body and your mind. Equilibrium uses mindfulness, which is known to combat stress and help people calm down. The Equilibrium program keeps seniors engaged and positive, which is very beneficial for cognitive health. Reduced anxiety and restlessness will also help to prevent wandering, which can be very scary and worrisome.

Better Connection and Communication

These programs improve communication skills and enable better socialization. It can also be quite frustrating when those experiencing cognitive decline find it harder to communicate than they used to. Even the most ordinary conversation turns into a challenge. This difficulty is one reason seniors may become aggressive at times.

Activity programs like Equilibrium make it easier to communicate with loved ones, which can actually draw friends and family closer together. It also helps people make new friendships in the community and helps them to better express their wants and needs.

Studies have shown that actively socializing can have a major impact when it comes to improving your cognitive functioning and memory. Some have even demonstrated that it could be as important for your memory as physical activity and a healthy diet. Social interaction encourages people to use their attention and memory more, which helps to strengthen them. And frequently being engaged helps slow cognitive decline. Better communication also helps to lift spirits, as socializing keeps residents from feeling isolated and depressed.

Mental Stimulation

Equilibrium is science-based, but that doesn’t mean it’s clinical and boring. We use cognitive therapies and mindfulness as well as music and art in our program. These types of activities are specially designed to improve cognitive function and keep the brain stimulated, which is essential for fighting cognitive decline. Offering a variety of exciting activities and approaches in this program keeps that up. It’s not a rigid or one-size-fits-all program either. By measuring how participants are feeling daily, we can also adjust the activities to make sure residents are as proactive, engaged, and happy as possible.

Physically Active, Aware, and Safe

In addition to the mind and spirit, these programs also make sure that participants keep their bodies active. Getting enough physical activity has a positive impact on cognitive health. It has been shown to improve cognitive function in those who have memory problems. Regular physical activity also helps fight insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Activity programs work to optimize mobility and improve motor function and awareness. This also helps to keep those experiencing cognitive decline safer, which is obviously incredibly important. Motor function refers to how well a person makes and controls their movements. The Equilibrium cognitive approach also helps with sensory function and awareness, meaning how people feel and respond to touch, pressure, pain, and temperature.

Expert and Dependable Program Staff

Activity programs in assisted living communities are run by those who understand cognitive decline very well. BridgeWater’s helpful staff is an incredibly essential part of the cognitive progress that results from Equilibrium. The Equilibrium program directors are very attentive, patient, and compassionate. Our staff is specially trained for this program so they can be as helpful as possible. This means being prepared for especially tough times, such as when those experiencing cognitive decline get aggressive. And it also means helping them unlock and hold onto precious, happy memories.

Our experienced, trained staff members carefully monitor residents, making sure they get all their meals and keep coming to the activities that will fight their cognitive decline. The meals we provide are healthy, as we know a good diet can also improve memory. Our chef-prepared menu is also delicious, and we make sure the meals offered are varied.

One of the ways Equilibrium goes the extra mile is that we measure how residents are doing each and every day. By paying attention to how participants are progressing daily, we work to be sure not to miss or overlook anything. And you can trust that we keep loved ones updated so they won’t have to worry about missing any important information. The real-time feedback makes sure loved ones can monitor the process as well and that the progress keeps moving forward.

Plus, rest assured that our staff’s training stays up-to-date. This means being skilled and knowledgeable of any new technological or other advances in memory care. We want to be sure we can offer residents the best solutions available.

Equilibrium at BridgeWater

The Equilibrium program is exclusive to our BridgeWater Assisted Living and our family of connected communities. If you or a loved one is experiencing cognitive decline and think our Equilibrium approach could help, feel free to contact us with any additional questions. As an extra worry off your mind, you should know that our program is also affordable.

If you’re interested in visiting one of our communities, contact us to schedule a tour or drop by anytime. All of our communities are beautiful, located in scenic Arizona, and have great amenities. You can find out more information about our Equilibrium program, financial solutions, and the BridgeWater Assisted Living communities in general by visiting our website.