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BridgeWater Assisted Living Is Much More than a Nursing Home

With an aging population in countries like Italy, Japan, and Germany, the United States isn’t alone in its need to secure quality senior care for individuals with limited mobility, those recovering from strokes, or people who have instances of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Senior living can come in many forms, and BridgeWater Assisted Living is much more than a nursing home. BridgeWater offers both independent and assisted living communities, plus care around the clock for those who need more of a nursing home’s approach to care.

The early phases of looking for independent, assisted, nursing, or memory care can seem overwhelming. Between visiting different campuses, looking for the right fit with the level of care, interests, activities, and transportation to doctors’ appointments, pharmacies, and so forth, it can seem like a lot of things to take into consideration.

That’s not even mentioning the increasing cost of senior living care in virtually all 50 states. With the average cost hovering around $5,000 each month, a lot of families have to really do their research in order to figure out how to pay for assisted living or putting their loved one into a nursing home. BridgeWater seeks to support seniors and their families by working with residents to make sure there are solutions to the financial question. BridgeWater Assisted Living even has a community benefits advocate whose job it is to discuss the financial components, to review eligibility for assistance, and look into whether a senior qualifies for reduced costs or coverage from Medicaid.

Independent Living

For seniors aged 55 and older, there is a new road to a relaxed and comfortable retirement. After years of procuring food for and preparing their own meals, working and then coming home to clean and organize, some individuals and couples are ready for something new. With independent living, it’s like you’re still independent, living your own life, but with the added benefits of having access to numerous perks.

For instance, there are dining facilities that function much like a restaurant would. You have chef-prepared meals in a restaurant-style setting, with an on-site nutritionist to verify that meals are prepared with care and attention to nutritional density, food allergies, and individual preferences.

Another added benefit of independent living is that there are housekeeping and linen services on a weekly basis. Some things can become more tedious with age, but the removal of cleaning and cooking nuisances can make so much more time for relaxation and the rediscovery of things in life.
Plus, all residents will have access to the on-site amenities and have their own space to call home.

Assisted Living

For those individuals who might want the peace of mind to have a helping hand now and again, BridgeWater offers assisted living designed to be there when the resident wants. The assistance offered covers various levels of care. For example, residents have the ability to call for assistance 24/7, and residents are equipped with notification devices should there be an emergency situation.

Otherwise, assisted living aims to support residents in their day-to-day lives, including help bathing, dressing, or with self-care or hygiene, plus companionship getting to meals, activities, or taking medications. A major part of this level of care is to respect the wishes of individuals who prefer to maintain their independence and only acquiesce at their request.

Memory Care

While offering similar services to a traditional nursing home, BridgeWater’s care for individuals with very limited mobility, dementia, or Alzheimer’s is catered to the individual and their needs. All their day-to-day care is carefully considered and completed with genuine care and compassion. There are activities that encourage residents to stay as active as they can, both physically and mentally, in order to stem the effects of dementia or slow deterioration from Alzheimer’s disease.

Staff and team members are skilled and empathetic individuals who know how to work through issues with residents and help keep everyone calm, safe, and feeling respected. The nursing home side of BridgeWater is focused on top care and providing both safety and comfort for the residents and staff. With a nurse on-site at all times, you can rest assured that residents are in good hands.


BridgeWater Assisted Living provides numerous other on-site benefits and amenities, such as a library, theatre room, activity room, wellness and therapy rooms, happy hours, celebratory dinners, and the option to schedule transportation to appointments or shopping.

Establishing Excellence

BridgeWater is much more than a nursing home because of the programs and the systems in place. We work with 24-hour nurse call technology so all of our residents are able to have better care and have their health monitored so more can be done through preventative measures than reactive ones.

This also includes some of the movement and activities programs we offer to help our residents live their healthiest and fullest lives. With BridgeWater’s Equilibrium activities program, our residents can participate in activities that aim to keep them mentally and physically engaged, all while providing a supportive and comfortable environment so they feel fulfilled. Through a series of activities, including various art and music programs, residents can continue to use their brains and bodies and strengthen neural connections, which can, in turn, help curb or slow mental decline.

Mindfulness and cognitive therapies are also used to support seniors throughout their time with us, and all relationships between staff and residents become personal and friendly. It’s more like a community than one might assume, particularly with regard to the camaraderie, closeness, and trust between team members and residents.

BridgeWater is a leader in senior care, both in terms of assisted living and memory care. If you’re looking for the right independent, assisted living, or memory care location for yourself or a loved one, look no further than BridgeWater. We look forward to being able to welcome you home.