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Choose BridgeWater in Avondale for Senior Living

Aging in your home can be great if you have the support you need. Family, friends, and local programs may help you live in your home, but after a while, these support systems may not be enough. 

If this is the case, it may be time to move to a full-time community where you can access the long-term care services you need and where someone else can help with your day-to-day tasks. If you’ve decided that you need to have a little assisted living in your life, you may be trying to suss out the difference between an Avondale nursing home and assisted living. What’s the difference? Which is the best choice for you? 

We may not be able to answer the latter question for you, but we certainly can provide some information to help make your choice. 

Nursing Home

Typically, a nursing home focuses more on the medical side of care, and you may also see some residents who stay for short durations after a hospital stay, accident, or illness. When they’re healed, they go back home. 

At an Avondale nursing home, you can expect to have a nurse’s station on each floor or close by and therapists for physical, speech, and occupational therapy. You may also see younger people at nursing homes, usually those recovering from illnesses or accidents who require 24-hour care before they can return to normal activities at home.

Assisted Living

There are different levels of care in an assisted living community. Maybe you’re just not interested in performing maintenance on your house, yardwork, or laundry, which would be more of an independent living situation. If you require a little help getting ready in the morning, assisted living staff can help you with grooming, toileting, and dressing (or any combination of care you require).


Both nursing homes and assisted living communities will provide round-the-clock care for residents. The kitchens will provide meals, and medical professionals will always be available if you need help or if you have a medical condition that requires monitoring. 

Some nursing homes may also have care units for folks who have ongoing or deteriorating memory problems.


Nursing homes focus more on the medical side of things, so you may find yourself feeling bored or uninvolved. A nursing home may also provide only reactive services for memory loss, whereas assisted living is able to provide a more proactive approach.

Assisted living at Avondale is beautifully designed with a resort-style community but a small-town feel. Our amenities are top-notch and include programs to keep you engaged with the world around you, whether it’s through arts, social events, or day trips to explore the city and beyond.

Enjoy three chef-prepared meals every day in our restaurant-style dining room, as well as snacks and other food-related gatherings, such as tastings and socials. Unlike a nursing home, your private apartment is your home, and you are encouraged to bring what furniture and familiar items you like, especially if you are experiencing memory loss. Having your treasures displayed in your home can help alleviate anxiety and depression. Connect with us today about the BridgeWater Assisted Living difference.