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The Community Benefits Advocate at BridgeWater Can Help You

Finding affordable assisted living can be difficult when you don’t have enough finances. Many seniors struggle to afford assisted living in their later years, as they have depleted their savings over time or are reliant on pensions or Social Security. Though it may seem impossible now, there are actually communities that cater specifically to the fixed-income population.

BridgeWater Assisted Living is a community that was created to provide an upscale income-qualified housing option that is modern as well as fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It’s a great option for fixed-income seniors because the community was developed using the federal tax-credit program.

BridgeWater makes understanding your financial eligibility for benefits and tax-credits easy by offering assistance from our community benefits advocate. The person holding this position can assist potential and current community members in finding financial assistance options, and they’ll also explain aspects of income requirement that may seem confusing. Here are a few ways that the community benefits advocate could assist you.

Medicaid Information

If you’re a senior who is running out of money and unable to pay for the care you need, the community benefits advocate at BridgeWater can assist you with finding a solution. They will provide you with information about applying for and receiving Arizona Medicaid (ALTCS) and assist you in filling out the application should you be eligible. Each of the BridgeWater Assisted Living communities has a set number of designated apartments for Medicaid residents, so your options for communities to choose from won’t be limited by your financial position.

Application Assistance

There are a few different avenues you can take when trying to find financial help to pay for your assisted living. Medicaid is one, but there are also options such as veteran’s benefits and income-qualified assistance available. For each of these financial solutions, an application will be required. Filling out an application for financial assistance may be difficult for some, especially since the weight of being accepted can feel so heavy. In these situations, the community benefits advocate can be of great help. They will be able to assist you with the application process, making sure you have all the documentation needed to complete the application fully.


One of the advantages of having a community benefits advocate is that they have so much knowledge of how to bridge the gap between your finances and your preferred assisted living community. The knowledge that they possess is readily available for any resident who wishes to know more about the process or who needs to be pointed in the right direction. For the things that they aren’t able to assist with, they’ll have the information needed to find the answer you’re looking for. The community benefits advocate is also able to connect residents who need assistance with activities of daily living with an agent affiliated with Arizona’s Medicaid program.

With the help of our community benefits advocate, finding a way to afford the assisted living that you need can be made much easier. You can contact us at BridgeWater Assisted Living to speak directly with the community benefits advocate and be on your way to living well in assisted living.