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Deer Valley Assisted Living Feels Like Home

It’s always difficult bringing up the topic of moving to an assisted living community with your aging loved ones. They often will push back to be able to stay where they are comfortable, and where they feel the most at home. 

Many seniors who start showing signs of needing a little more than an occasional helping hand may know they need the help, but shudder at the thought of being uprooted from their current home. They may feel like they may lose the comfort of familiarity, and lose the place where they have spent their time building memories and history with family and loved ones, both past and present. 

However, as our loved ones get older, it is inevitable that at some point, it will be in their best interest to live in a place that can help keep them both safe and cared for in a comfortable setting that feels just like home. Deer Valley Assisted Living, a residential community of Bridgewater Assisted Living, offers seniors a place to call home that actually feels like home, allowing seniors to thrive and maintain their independence while being kept safe and well cared for.

Residents Maintain Their Sense of Independence

At Deer Valley Assisted Living, each resident is free to choose how they spend their day. Being located amongst various restaurants, shopping, healthcare providers and places of worship, each resident has a lot of opportunities to venture out into the neighborhood and safely explore what their local community has to offer them.

Within the Deer Valley Assisted Living campus, there are various activities and events to enjoy while building friendships with other residents with similar interests. For those who like to read and explore different genres, there is an in-house library ready for exploring. For those who are crafty, there are art classes available for residents who want to express themselves with their hands. Game sessions are also a fun way to build those deep friendships with neighbors or visitors alike. Residents get to choose how they spend their days, making Deer Valley Assisted Living feel like home with added benefits.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At all Bridgewater Assisted Living communities, each apartment is high-tech, with cutting-edge technology installed to help staff keep a safe watch on each resident’s well-being without having to enter their apartments. Being able to assist residents as needed without having to continually disturb them and intrude on their privacy allows each resident to relax in the privacy of their own apartment with the comfort of knowing that if something happens that requires someone to assist, help is only moments away.

Opportunities for Community Involvement

For those who enjoy helping their community, Deer Valley Assisted Living offers lots of opportunities for residents to take part in various humanitarian and civic events outside of their home if they so choose. Being able to feel a sense of purpose and belonging goes a long way in keeping each resident in a positive mindset, which in turn helps keep the body healthy as well. At Deer Valley Assisted Living, each resident is made to feel right at home in their own apartment with the security of knowing that help is only a few steps away. Contact a Community Benefits Advocate today to discuss your next steps in becoming a Deer Valley resident today!