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What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living vs. Group Homes?

There are so many different types of senior living options.

There are so many different types of senior living options. How do you know which one is best for you or for your loved one? It’s such a big decision, as it’s where you or your loved one could be living for the rest of their life. One of the first things you should do is understand the difference between them. To help, we are going to look at the difference between assisted living vs. group homes in Phoenix, AZ.

Both assisted living communities and group homes offer comfortable living environments so residents can live around their peers. But there are quite a few differences that you should know and think about before making your decision. Here is a look at assisted living vs. group homes in Phoenix, AZ.

Size of the Community/Homes

One of the biggest differences is the size of the community or the home. Most senior group homes only have about 5 to 10 residents living there. However, assisted living has many more. Depending on the size of the assisted living community you are looking at, they can have over 100 residents.

Personal Care

At a group home, residents are expected to manage their own personal care. This means that there isn’t trained staff managing it for them. Meanwhile, in an assisted living community, there are trained staff members who help to manage personal care and all aspects of daily life for residents who need it. For instance, here at Solterra Senior Living, we offer medication management, as well as assistance with bathing, showering, dressing, and hygiene for our residents. Licensed nurses are also available to our residents 24/7, whereas most group homes do not have 24-hour nursing assistance.

Living Situation

A group home will provide a homelike environment, without all the responsibilities of an entire apartment. For instance, you will likely have a private bedroom, potentially with its own bathroom, but the rest of the living space will be shared with other residents.

In assisted living, you will most likely have more options, depending on the community you are looking at. In our communities at Solterra Senior Living, we offer spacious studio, one-, or two-bedroom apartments that our residents can choose to live in, all varying in price. There is also restaurant-style dining available if a resident does not feel like cooking. Although, an apartment with its own small kitchen is an option.

When it comes to living in assisted living vs. group homes in Phoenix, AZ, it all comes down to what you or your loved one’s needs are and what your personal preference is. If after reading this, you have decided that you prefer an assisted living community, feel free to reach out to us for more information. We are here to help you, every step of the way and would love to learn more about your or your loved one’s needs. Contact us today and we will set up a time to talk more. We’ll also answer any other questions you may have when it comes to assisted living vs. group homes in Phoenix, AZ.