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Enjoy Modern Living at Solterra Senior Living

When you start considering assisted living, you may have an outdated idea of what it looks like.

When you start considering assisted living, you may have an outdated idea of what it looks like. If you think it will be boring, dull, and cut off from the outside world, get ready to be amazed. Because instead, communities like Solterra Senior Living are exciting, fresh, and fun. Keeping things modern and state-of-the-art is one of the many ways we go above and beyond. Read on to find out more about what you’ll find at Solterra.

Modern Healthcare Technology

At Solterra Senior Living, we always want to make sure we provide residents with the absolute best quality of care. One of the ways we do so is by using the latest technology.

Our monitoring and emergency call system technology helps us to give each individual resident the best, most-informed care for their needs. If there’s an emergency, the technology improves our response in a number of ways. To start, our health team will be able to respond as soon as possible. And because of all the data, it allows them to quickly identify health concerns and other factors.

Media and Internet Access

We also understand that technology is a big part of how we stay in touch in the modern age. That’s why we offer access to computers and the internet via our community computer stations. And our Solterra Senior Living apartments come with cable. We also have a media room, where you can socialize with your new neighbors and friends. Our on-site cinema is perfect for a movie night.

Activities and Amenities

We work to offer activity programs and therapies that are new and exciting. The same-old, same-old doesn’t help anyone. We make sure our activity programs appeal to a wide range of interests. And our residents love that they can find new interests and hobbies as well as learn new things. Plus, these activities are perfect for socializing.

There are even more opportunities to try to learn new things through our various amenities. Our on-site wellness center is well-equipped, another way we look out for your health. In addition to our media room and theatre, check out the billiards room, library, and business center.

And then there’s our dining! We provide three chef-prepared meals a day. And don’t think that means boring or bland food. Instead, you’ll enjoy a variety of menus, dishes, and flavors, all nutritious and delicious. We even have some fun food events, another opportunity to try new and modern things. And we take resident input—including your recipes.

Beautiful, Modern, Personalized Apartments

One of our goals at Solterra is to make it feel like a new home. If you pictured an assistant living community as staid, uniform apartments, that’s not our style. Our apartments are intelligently designed so that you will feel as safe as possible. And they’re very spacious. It’s perfect for inviting your family and new friends over.

We encourage residents to decorate their apartments to reflect their personalities. And if you want to redecorate to reflect changing interests or tastes or simply for a fresh update, we encourage that too. You can bring your own furnishings and décor along with you. And we also allow small furry friends.

And there’s plenty to be excited about outside the apartments too. You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous nature and beautiful walking paths. Also, each of our communities is located near some fun locations.

You can find plenty more information on Solterra Senior Living on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Want to get a taste of the modern living we offer? Then come in for a tour. We do accept walk-ins, though you can also contact us to schedule in advance.