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Experience Desert Villa Assisted Living in Tucson

If a loved one lives in the Tucson area and is looking for quality senior community living where you can retire well, look no further than BridgeWater. We offer desert villa assisted living in northwest Tucson. These unique apartments provide the comfort of home with the confidence of care for both memory and respite care.

Promoting individual care for your specific needs, under the backdrop of the beautiful Sonoran Desert, our desert villa assisted living staff is highly trained and dedicated to caregiving. Read below to discover what kind of care and comforts you can look forward to experiencing while residing at BridgeWater Assisted Living in Tucson.

Comforts of Home and More

BridgeWater offers five custom desert villas as a part of our assisted living in Tucson. Each has spacious suites that encourage the comforts and familiarity of home. Residents can individualize their suites with their own furniture, decorations, and keepsakes. Decorating with familiar furniture and personal photographs brings in the comforts of home. These suites have family-style privacy with access to both private and public restrooms.

The comforts of desert villa assisted living in Tucson extend beyond residential suites to the community amenities. Take advantage of the full-service beauty salon, exercise and wellness centers, community computer stations, and the activity and media rooms.

Specialized Care

Luxurious amenities and familiar comforts of home do not mean you need to compromise on the quality of care. The expert staff at Bridgewater is available to assist residents 24 hours a day. Each suite is equipped with a personal emergency call response system, and residents have access to services that make daily tasks easier. These include chauffeured transportation, physical therapy, home health, an on-site bistro, and housekeeping and laundry services.

Desert villa assisted living in Tucson offers seniors a variety of residential choices and levels of care. Choose from assisted living, memory care, or respite care. Respite care is for those with disabilities, illness, or special needs who need temporary care while their regular caregiver is away or for those in need of aid while recovering from surgery or a hospital stay.

If your loved one is experiencing memory loss and needing permanent residency, the caring staff provides expert care for every stage of memory loss. This allows your loved one to live life to its fullest while helping you cope with the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia.


You can also expect staff to respect privacy while providing much-needed care. Every BridgeWater Assisted Living apartment is equipped with CarePredict. This proactive technology enables the care staff to have access to clinical data in a manner that is private and non-invasive. This data helps staff provide better care by monitoring residents’ health and proactively addressing any new health concerns.

Affordable Care

Every senior deserves the chance to retire with dignity. If you are exploring options with senior living and are uncertain if you can afford it, our team at BridgeWater Assisted Living is committed to helping you find affordable care. That’s why we have a dedicated community benefits advocate. Contact the community benefits advocate today and receive help as you explore options for qualifying for financial resources.

Choose quality care with desert villa assisted living in Tucson and experience beautiful apartments with all the comforts of home.