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What Features to Expect with Upscale Assisted Living Communities?

What does “upscale” mean to you? For many of us, it means deluxe accommodations at faraway destinations, fancy meals prepared by well-trained chefs, premium live entertainment, and superior customer service that leaves you feeling like a very important person.

What does “upscale” mean to you? For many of us, it means deluxe accommodations at faraway destinations, fancy meals prepared by well-trained chefs, premium live entertainment, and superior customer service that leaves you feeling like a very important person. At Solterra Senior Living, we’re set to meet your expectations. Our upscale assisted living communities deliver resort-style apartments, luxury amenities, and personalized care provided by compassionate professionals. Our staff focuses on hospitality so that you can focus on living your best life. Free time to spend on enrichment activities that help foster an active lifestyle to support your health, vitality, and consciousness.


The independence and control that you expect to have over your life will be available to you when you have the necessary assistance to manage some of the more menial tasks and daily activities. In other words, you will get more out of living when you have someone to do the necessary chores of living. By getting the personalized care you desire at the specific level you need, you can secure the quality of life you deserve, and this is where upscale assisted living communities deliver: quality of life.

Upscale communities will provide all the same basic care you will find elsewhere, such as meal services, periodic housekeeping, apartment maintenance, personalized assistance packages, and scheduled activities, but a distinction really becomes apparent when you begin to compare the quality and feel of the amenities available. Plus, there are services that aren’t necessarily available at other care communities, such as concierge, memory care, or chauffeur-style transport.

Stylish Living

One of the first distinctions you might notice is the resort-style campus. Often, these upscale communities are planned with large, open gardens for socializing. There’s elegant architecture and ample art distributed in common areas. You can find communities built in more rural settings with ample acreage for paved walking paths and hiking trails, or there may even be a golf course on-site or very nearby. The grounds are lush and well-manicured, and you’re surrounded by beautiful views. Even in urban environments, the landscaping and buildings are carefully managed to offer access to natural beauty, and they usually incorporate large, fresh-air courtyards.

The individual residences are spacious, and they can be styled with features like vaulted ceilings or full kitchens. All apartments will be equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring technology to ensure rapid response if there is ever an emergency. Upscale assisted living communities also offer a larger variety of apartment options, starting with the studios and one-bedrooms but also including some two-bedroom options. Another posh feature is that upscale communities are frequently pet-friendly. The benefit of having a cherished companion transforms an apartment into a home. As they say, home is where the heart is.

Delicious Prepared Food

Beyond the beautiful environment, upscale communities boast gourmet dining with restaurant-style seating. Professional chefs prepare healthy, delicious, and appetizing meals offered three times daily. Meals are made with fine, fresh produce, and healthy ingredients. When the restaurant is closed, grab a drink or a snack at the on-site café before meeting neighbors for an activity. Where once there was meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleanup, now your precious time can be spent as you choose.

On-Site Services

When you’re ready to start filling your time, an upscale assisted living community will have a concierge on hand to help coordinate transportation, acquire tickets for local entertainment, or organize spa services. You may decide to visit the library for a good book, watch a movie with neighbors at the on-site theatre, or spend time working on your health goals at the fitness center.

Speaking of luxury, nothing says upscale better than a heated pool and whirlpool spa available on campus to take a basic gym to the next level. You just cannot beat a hot soak after a good zero-impact swim session. Fitness at your door, and with some communities offering a personal trainer, maybe you’ll find a new passion for mind and body mechanics. Safe exercise equipment, cutting-edge therapy, and additional options for memory care are available at assisted living communities that understand the importance of maintaining the quality you’re accustomed to having. Mind, body, and social fitness in the comfort, beauty, and elegance you deserve.

Life doesn’t stop in assisted living, and business responsibilities can be time-sensitive. Access to a business center with high-speed internet connections, fax, print, and scan capabilities brings assisted living to the modern senior.

Plenty to Do

Quality of life is enhanced when you have access to upscale activities, education, and entertainment. A superior upscale assisted living community may offer personal development classes or provide residents with guest speaker events, book author presentations, and specialty entertainment, such as dance or musical performances. Elevating entertainment to edu-tainment helps pique interest, flex thinking and learning, and keep you on your game while satisfying your lifestyle requirements.

Memory Care

According to the AHAC and NCAL, only 14.3 percent of assisted living communities offer dedicated memory care units, and yet memory care is steadily rising in importance as generations live longer. Memory care services offered in assisted living situations range from personal game apps that train and strengthen mental acuity and memory accuracy all the way to fully controlled entrances, guest and resident management, and fully engaged, personalized memory care therapy. An upscale community will offer some aspect of the memory care spectrum. You can find details about our memory care options here.

Dignity and Respect

Whether the assistance you need is medication management, bathing and grooming, or something more intimate like incontinence care, Solterra Senior Living staff members treat you with compassionate, professional care. You are important, and we provide exceptional service to ensure that you will feel that way. For your health, safety, and well-being, we have 24-hour emergency response monitoring and communities designed to optimize your quality of life and independence in a beautiful, safe, and lively setting. Contact us for a campus tour of Solterra Senior Living.