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How Can I Get Help with My Senior Living Application?

Finding the right senior living for you or your loved one can be exciting. Filling out the applications necessary to secure those new living arrangements? Not so much.

The application process can consist of many different sections that require specific information that you might not feel ready for.

For example, you’ll need specific information about your financial and health situations before you get started, but there’s more you’ll need to know too. So, if you want to feel prepared, the best way to go about is to contact someone who can help you move forward.

If you’re looking for help with your senior living application, rest assured that you’re not the only one. Many people need assistance with this process, which is why many organizations have created helpful resources such as we have. Solterra Senior Living provides assistance in the form of a designated staff member whose main role is to assist seniors through this process.

Many benefit organizations also have specific ways to help seniors who are looking into senior living with their applications, especially the parts where you need to know your finances and health history. To get you started, we’re offering you a couple of the different ways you can get assistance with your senior living application.

Your Senior Living Community Might Offer In-House Help

When you’re filling out your application, you’ll probably want the help of someone knowledgeable about the process. You can save time by asking for help from someone who’s is already familiar with what you need to start the application.

Many senior living communities have someone in-house who can help with applications. At Solterra Senior Living, our community benefits advocate is able to assist you with your senior living application. They can guide you through the process with patience to ensure that the information you fill out is both accurate and complete.

Another way these helpers can assist you is when you’re trying to apply for financial benefits. While you’re filling out these applications, you often need to provide supporting documents. We can help you prepare so that when it’s time, you have everything you need. A community benefits advocate can also work with you to determine which benefits you qualify for. They might even be able to recommend a financial benefit to you that you didn’t know existed.

You Can Also Get Outside Help with Your Application

Yes, you can go straight to senior living communities for help, but you can get outside help too, especially when it concerns financial and health details. For instance, if you’re a veteran, you’ll probably want to apply for a VA benefit so that you can receive assistance from the US Department of Veteran Affairs. You can head over to the VA website or call them directly. You can also look into writing to the pension management center that serves your state, or you can visit your regional benefit office.

Medicaid is another part of the application process that people need help with. For this type of assistance, an outside organization like the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) is a good resource. You can contact them to fill out an application, and a representative will walk you through the process. The standard application process can take up to 60 days, but representatives may be able to assist you even when your application is pending.

If you’re looking for help in the process, contact us. We’re happy to support you.