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How Do I Afford Arizona Memory Care?

If you’re suffering from memory loss, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s important to find a community that can accommodate your specific needs. Memory care communities in Arizona can provide safe living arrangements for people suffering from dementia while involving them in programs that help to create positive health and wellness outcomes. While finding a great community is the goal for most people suffering from memory loss, it may be more difficult to figure out how to afford such care.

Some memory care communities can be of great assistance when it comes to figuring out how to afford memory care in Arizona. BridgeWater Assisted Living, for instance, provides financial solution options to potential residents who are looking for some kind of financial assistance.

Here are some of the income-qualified opportunities offered to residents at BridgeWater.

Veteran’s Aid

If you’re a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for financial assistance to help cover the cost of your memory care in Arizona. Qualified veterans can apply for a government program that provides them with a specific amount of money per month to help pay for the care they need.

Once approved for the benefit, veterans and their spouses or the surviving spouse of a veteran will be eligible to receive a monthly allowance starting at over $1,000 a month for their memory care needs. This benefit is accepted at BridgeWater Assisted Living and makes a big difference for residents who need help with affording their care.


Some people who are looking into how to afford memory care in Arizona are eligible to receive government assistance through the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS). This is a government-supported system that’s a health insurance option for individuals who are 65 or older, have a disability, or require medical care. This program can be used for memory care services either at home or at an assisted living community like BridgeWater.

Many seniors choose this option, as the qualification process can be easier than some other programs. Acceptance into the program provides significant assistance with, if not full coverage of, medical needs associated with memory care.

Find the Supportive Community

Another way that you can afford memory care in Arizona is to find a community that is sympathetic and helpful to your financial needs. Not all memory care communities are geared toward assisting people who need financial help, but BridgeWater Assisted Living is a community that caters specifically to such people.

For instance, our Community Benefits Advocate’s job is to be available to assist with confirming eligibility for residents who are looking into financial solutions as well as to walk them through the process of gathering essential documents and filling out any necessary applications and paperwork.

BridgeWater also makes memory care more affordable by offering extremely low rates for both apartment rent and each level of care offered. This makes choosing this community an easier decision for income-qualified residents when compared to some other memory care communities in Arizona.