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How Do You Choose the Right Assisted Living Community?

Looking for assisted living in Phoenix may seem overwhelming when you first start your research. A simple Google search yields millions of results, not just communities themselves but also articles about what to look for and further resources.
Instead of reading millions of articles, here are our favorite pieces of advice when searching for the right assisted living community for you:

1. Does It Feel Like Home?

We know that it won’t be your own house that you’ve lived in for years. It will be a smaller space, but it will also be more manageable, and you’ll be living with new friends just down the hall. Think about what activities you like to do in a day. Do you want to do art? Do you want to learn? Do you want to go on curated day trips or shopping excursions or to theaters, museums, or sporting events?
Take your time looking. Go on tours, visit for lunch, see if you can attend one or more community events. That way, when you decide on the community that feels right, you’ll already have friends to spend time with.
Make sure to ask around about the community amenities as well. For instance, at BridgeWater, we have the facilities to keep your mind sharp and your body toned with our on-site wellness and therapy center. You may not even need to leave when you go on your errands, since our properties each have a fully stocked library, hair salon, and community rooms (among other things).

2. Where Is It Located?

All of our properties are located in Arizona, so no matter what, you’ll get the benefits of the beautiful year-round weather and a thriving city nearby, but each location is in a slightly different neighborhood. Take a look at our community at Deer Valley, which is in a cozy residential district. Compare this to our Midtown location, which is more in the thick of the hustle and bustle of the city.
If you are looking at an assisted living community that has more than one location, make sure you visit each one. While moving from a quiet residential area to a busy downtown area might be jarring to you, moving from a vibrant city district to something quieter and more suburban might bore you. Do you enjoy traveling short distances to nearby restaurants and attractions? Would you prefer to drive a little further if it means going to your favorite stores? On the other hand, you can also give up your car easily—we’re happy to transport you where you want to go.

3. What Does It Cost?

One of the reasons you’re looking so carefully is probably because you want to get the best deal for your money. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort if you have a tight income, so we have lots of resources to help you find the best way to pay for the care you deserve. We have community benefits advocates who can help determine if you qualify for financial aid. Contact us today.