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How Does Assisted Living Help Care for Mental Health?

Entering assisted living is a major adjustment. While it can help in many ways, the change can also take a toll on mental health. However, the right assisted living program will help make this adjustment smoothly. Not only that, but it can make a real difference with other mental health problems that can come about with aging. Read on below to find out some of the ways that assisted living communities look out for residents’ mental health.

Attentive Care for Individual’s Entire Health

The best assisted living programs know that mental health is important for a patient’s overall well-being.

Attentive staff will look out for all aspects of the senior’s health. With their experience and expertise, the staff members will be able to recognize signs and symptoms. And they will be equipped to come up with beneficial solutions.

For seniors who are experiencing cognitive decline, BridgeWater’s assisted living Equilibrium activities program can do wonders for mental health. The program uses engagement activities to help improve communication, memory, and awareness. It also has great results for anxiety and depression.

Assisted living also makes sure to keep loved ones updated on residents’ conditions, including their mental health.

Provide Engaging Activities

Assisted living communities have all sorts of activities that can positively impact mental health. These activities can help seniors feel accomplished, alert, and engaged. It gives them something to look forward to.

Many of these activities involve learning a new skill. In addition to feeling proud of themselves, continuing to learn is great for seniors’ mental health.

These activities are designed for a range of interests and abilities. Everyone will feel included. They can also lead to discoveries of new interests and the formation of new friendships.

Safe Environment Can Ease Anxieties

When seniors are living on their own, there are many factors that can increase their anxiety. For instance, many can have anxiety about wandering off and getting lost. With assisted living, the weight of these is lifted off their mental health.

In a secure environment, seniors do not have to worry about strangers breaking in.

Seniors can also rest assured that, if they fall, they are able to get help as soon as possible. Plus, an assisted living apartment is specially designed with safety in mind. This greatly reduces the risks of slips and falls in the first place.
However, in a secure environment, it’s also important for mental health that an assisted living community allows for some independence. Here at BridgeWater Assisted Living, we make sure to keep the right balance.

Enhance Social Lives

When seniors live on their own, they can easily get quite lonely. But in assisted living, they are part of a community. There are numerous opportunities for socializing. Meeting new friends can do wonders for mental health and self-esteem. Being part of a community also provides excellent support.

Serene Environment

Here at BridgeWater Assisted Living, our communities all have beautiful, peaceful surroundings that can give a boost to mental health.

You can find more information on BridgeWater Assisted Living by looking through our website. If you or a loved one is interested in joining one of our communities, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also schedule a tour to see our beautiful locations in person.