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How Much Will the VA Pay for Assisted Living?

The cost of a move to assisted living might seem insurmountable, but financial aid options can make it so much easier. Veterans in particular have a few ways they can receive much-needed assistance to pay the costs of assisted living.

If you’ve been wondering how much will the VA pay for assisted living, you’re not alone. Many veterans have the same questions, which is why Solterra Senior Living offers assistance with applying for and determining eligibility for these programs.

Let’s take a look at those options and how much you or your loved one might receive from the VA to assist with the costs associated with assisted living.

What Options Are Available?

There is more than one financial option for assisted living for veterans. These programs are designed to help veterans and their spouses pay for the care that they need when they get older and need more assistance or their health begins to decline. Knowing about these programs and which ones you may be eligible for is the first step in receiving the care you need.

Basic Pension

The most well-known financial aid option for veterans is a basic pension. VA pensions are a monetary benefit for veterans over the age of 65. These funds are not specifically for assisted living but can definitely be used to help cover those costs.

To determine whether a veteran is eligible for this option, there are a few requirements that need to be met. First, a veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty with at least one of those days occurring during active wartime. They have to be at least age 65 with limited or no income, be totally or permanently disabled, receive supplemental social security, and be a permanent resident of a nursing home facility.

Aid & Attendance

Another option for financial assistance for assisted living costs that is often overlooked is the Aid & Attendance benefit. Aid & Attendance is specifically for veterans who need the aid of another person to live safely and perform daily activities. If you are eligible to receive this benefit, it has the potential to significantly lower your assisted living expenses.

This benefit is offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs and is a monthly, needs-based payment above and beyond the VA pension. This option can help cover long-term care for veterans.

How Much Will the VA Pay for Assisted Living?

The amount that the VA will pay for assisted living varies based on a few different factors. A higher amount will be awarded to veterans who have a spouse and even more to spouses who are both veterans. The amount of aid also depends on which benefit you’re using, since each one offers a different level of support.

Understanding how much the VA will pay for assisted living can help you determine if receiving that help is beneficial for you.

The Aid & Attendance benefit can provide up to $1,830 per month to a single veteran who is eligible for this financial assistance. If a veteran has a spouse, they can receive up to $2,170 per month. The amount changes for a veteran whose spouse is also a veteran, as they can receive up to $2,903 per month together. Lastly, a surviving spouse alone can be eligible for up to $1,176 per month from the VA for assisted living.

As we mentioned previously, we offer assistance with applying for financial aid if you are a current or future resident at Solterra. Contact us today and take a tour to see if Solterra is right for you.