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How To Use VA Assistance for Assisted Living

Thinking about paying for your assisted living or memory care benefits can seem overwhelming at first.

Thinking about paying for your assisted living or memory care benefits can seem overwhelming at first. However, financial aid is available for those who qualify at all Solterra community locations. If you’re a veteran, you’re in luck as well. There are benefits available for you and your spouse.
Financial assistance for your assisted living or memory care apartment is available for wartime veterans, veterans’ spouses, and widowed spouses. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ Aid and Attendance Pension makes this available for those who don’t have the financial resources to pay for the daily care they require. Here is a run-down of how to use VA assistance for assisted living.

What Is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care is meant to be used for a lengthier period of time. If you or a veteran or veteran’s spouse in your life has trouble remembering whether they’ve taken their medication or has a difficult time doing laundry or grocery shopping, there are many ways to help them. You might consider home care with a skilled caregiver or moving to assisted living.
Other care settings are available, such as out of your private home where one caregiver supports a small group of individuals who require extra help, but we’re going to focus on assisted living communities in this article. If you or your loved one moves to an assisted living situation, there are many benefits available to you.
You can expect that you’ll have healthy meals, plenty of activities and amenities, help managing medications and other daily needs, and nursing staff on-site 24/7. It will be a great weight off your mind to have access to the care and services you need.

How Do I Access This Care?

If you’d like to utilize VA assistance for assisted living, there are three requirements to get started:
You must be signed up for VA health care.
The VA asserts that you do require specific services for your personal care.
That service, such as the care setting or assisted living community, must be available near you.
After those three things are fulfilled, other factors may contribute, such as additional long-term insurance coverage or disability status. Priority is also given to veterans with service-connected disabilities. Make sure that you speak with your VA social worker if you have additional questions. If you haven’t started this process, you can apply for benefits here.

Personalized Care for Veterans

Understanding what our residents have been through helps us understand how to properly care for them. At Solterra Senior Living, our approach is to ascertain the specific needs of each of our residents in order to provide the best care. With private apartments, on-site wellness centers, and places to spend time with your veteran neighbors, such as in the library, the billiard room, or various media rooms, you and your veteran can expect to enjoy retirement. Contact us at Solterra for a tour.