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Is Assisted Living a Good Option for Active Seniors?

If you are an active senior, you may be worried that moving into an assisted living community is going to hinder your activity. You may have even asked yourself if assisted living is even a good option for active seniors. The short answer is, yes, it is. Active seniors can still thrive in assisted living. Especially if you’re looking at assisted living in Arizona, where the weather is always good. Here are some reasons why assisted living is a good option for seniors who want to remain active.

You Can Still Get Outside

Just because you are moving into an assisted living community doesn’t mean that you are confined to the indoors for the rest of your life. You can still get outside and move. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, we have beautiful gardens and courtyards right within our community for residents to get outside and enjoy.To stay even more active, we encourage our residents to go on day trips. Of course, you may enjoy a nice day trip with your family when they come to visit. But at BridgeWater, residents are welcome to make suggestions for day trips too, and we provide the transportation. Not sure what types of day trips you can take? Here are four-day trips to enjoy when you venture from your assisted living in Arizona.

Take Advantage of the On-Site Wellness Center

Many assisted living communities in Arizona have on-site wellness centers. At BridgeWater Assisted Living, there is an on-site wellness and therapy center located within each community. In the wellness centers, you’ll find options no matter how active you are. You can even use the space to meet with your personal physical or occupational therapist.

Make Sure the Assisted Living Has Social Activities

One of the best ways for seniors to stay active is through socialization. Because of this, seniors should choose an assisted living home in Arizona that offers many different social activities and events for residents to take part in. For instance, BridgeWater offers many engaging and exciting activities, programs, events, and more that we encourage all residents to attend. We even have regularly occurring happy hours and on-site movie theatres, billiards rooms, and more for our residents to enjoy. There is definitely a social activity for everyone.

As you can see, assisted living is a great option for active seniors. There are many different ways to stay active, both within and outside of the community. If you already have an active lifestyle prior to moving to our assisted living in Arizona, talk to us about what activities you like to do. Our staff will work with you to make sure you can continue this part of your routine.