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Is Assisted Living in Phoenix AZ Safer Than At-Home Care?

Caring for our senior loved ones takes on many forms. We may drop by daily to check on them or assist with transportation to doctor and other appointments they have trouble getting to. Shopping for our senior loved ones is extremely helpful, as it’s often difficult for seniors to get around town and the store safely, let alone haul heavy bags inside.

As a loved one’s needs escalate over time, you can become concerned for their health and safety, and caretaking can become like a full-time job, taking over most of your time. When this happens, you may start to consider other options for managing your loved one’s care. Is moving your aging loved one into an assisted living community a better fit for them? Or maybe professional at-home care would be an option. But is assisted living safer?

While both types of senior care have their benefits, assisted living does have some safety features that wouldn’t come with at-home care. The experts at BridgeWater Assisted Living would like to share some great reasons why living in an assisted living community in Phoenix, AZ, is a safe choice for those who need extra care.

Avoiding Loneliness and Isolation With Socialization

One common complaint that many aging seniors talk about affecting them the most is the isolation and the depression that follows from being so isolated all the time. As we age, those we care about age and pass on, leaving our world smaller and smaller over time. Being less mobile and with transportation being difficult to obtain on our own, seniors get out into the community less frequently, and time indoors increases. This can bring on feelings of loneliness, which can cause feelings of depression.

Being depressed can cause health issues to mount, as caring for ourselves will seem less important over time, and remembering to eat and take medicine can dwindle as well. These behaviors are common with those who are isolated and depressed and can lead to deadly results. That’s why one positive side to moving into assisted living in Phoenix, Arizona, is the access to the community around you.

Having access to other seniors to talk with and make friends with is a great benefit to moving into assisted living. Residents can also attend group events to meet others who enjoy the same activities and eat meals with others in the community. There are movies to watch with others, and having transportation available to safely and easily travel to stores and on other outings gives your senior loved one a sense of independence and removes the feelings of isolation and depression. Keeping the mind active is a great way to ensure longevity and good quality of life.

Safety in Care and Amenities

Another benefit to moving into assisted living in Phoenix, Arizona, is the safety available. There is always a nurse available 24 hours a day, as well as staff to help residents as needed. Some assisted living communities, like BridgeWater, utilize technology to monitor residents’ health and well-being at all times.There

are also grab bars and slip-resistant mats in the bathrooms and other necessary precautions in place to ensure a safe environment to move around in. Always having staff on-site also ensures that if there is a need, help is immediately available.

Moving into assisted living is a very personal choice, but when the time is right, it can bring peace of mind and a better quality of life for everyone involved.