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Is Assisted Living Just for Seniors?

Assisted living is meant to help seniors who need a helping hand to age in a place that’s comfortable, safe, and stimulating.

Assisted living is meant to help seniors who need a helping hand to age in a place that’s comfortable, safe, and stimulating. When daily tasks become difficult to do, it may be time to find an assisted living senior community to move into. It’s important to note that a quality assisted living senior community is so much more than just assisted living—it’s a new home that provides all of the amenities and services that you or your loved one may need.

Age Is a Factor

Assisted living allows seniors to age with grace. However, there isn’t a specific age requirement one must meet to receive care. As we age, we need more help, and once you notice that you or a loved one has reached that point, assisted living may be the answer.

Need for Help with Daily Tasks

How do you know if you or your loved one needs assisted living? One way to tell is if daily tasks have become more difficult. This includes non-medical activities such as using the restroom, meal preparation, household chores, dressing, eating, and bathing. At assisted living, there is assistance given in all these areas.

Need for an Increase in Health Care Services

As you age, it can be harder to remember to take medicine at the same time each day. If you find that this is happening to you or a loved one, it’s important to ask for help. A mistake with medication could have a severe negative impact on your health. In assisted living, this isn’t a worry, as the staff makes sure it never happens. Medication assistance, management, and administration are included at an assisted living community to ensure you remain at your healthiest.


Those looking to move to an assisted living community are independent with their mobility. This means that these residents can walk on their own, or can use their cane, walker, or wheelchair without needing constant help.

Can No Longer Safely Live Alone

One of the main reasons seniors move to an assisted living community is that they can no longer safely live alone in their homes. Assisted living guarantees safety both by providing care for residents 24 hours a day and by having 24/7 security. All apartments are specially designed to ensure the safety of the residents. However, it’s important that someone who moves into assisted living can live in their apartment without around-the-clock care. Assisted living is predominately for seniors, but more importantly, it’s for those who may need extra help in their day-to-day lives. It’s for those who are no longer safe living alone in their homes. If this sounds like something you or your loved one may need, consider the Mission at Agua Fria as the assisted living senior community for you. Please give us a call today, and we’re happy to talk to you more about your needs and what you’re looking for. We are sure we have what you need to age gracefully.