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3 Ways to Manage Senior Loneliness

As we age, it becomes more difficult to keep our social circles active.

As we age, it becomes more difficult to keep our social circles active. The once busy household is now quiet, as the children who once ran through the house are now grown and have moved out on their own. Family members may have moved away, as well as friends and coworkers. Some of our close friends may have passed, leaving our senior loved ones with nobody to talk to or visit with on a regular basis.

Senior loneliness starts creeping in, which can cause a whole slew of physical and mental health problems, including depression. You may wonder what you can do to help your aging loved ones avoid the trap of senior loneliness. Rest assured, there are ways to overcome loneliness. The Mission at Agua Fria Senior Living offers a few effective ways to help our loved ones maintain a healthy social life.

1. Look for Opportunities to Volunteer in your Community

One great way to bring meaning to our lives is to volunteer in our local communities. Here at the Mission at Agua Fria, we offer scheduled transportation trips so our residents can enjoy all the things their community has to offer. There are so many volunteer opportunities that can bring meaning and joy to one’s life, plus the added bonus of socialization with other volunteers and other members of the community.

Whether it’s volunteering at a polling center for an election or helping to plan a community event or fundraiser, the one constant is that help is always welcome. By using their talents to help others, residents can develop a feeling of satisfaction and purpose in their lives.

2. Participate in Activities

Another great way to be social is to find others who enjoy the same hobbies and spend time doing those hobbies together. The Mission at Agua Fria offers many different classes and programs for our residents to enjoy while being in a social environment. Whether it’s being crafty and creative in one of our arts-and-crafts-focused classes or getting down to earth by joining a gardening club in the community, one surefire way to kick senior loneliness is to do what they enjoy with others.

3. Adopt a Pet

Pets are a great way to help curb senior loneliness. By adopting a pet, your loved one is helping a homeless pet, plus creating meaning in their own life by helping to care for the pet throughout its lifetime. Do consider the needs of the pet and do your research on what care is required before adopting to make sure their needs are not too much to manage each day. Many shelters find senior dogs and cats harder to rehome, but they make great companions for human seniors, as their physical activity requirements are a lot less.

Maintaining a healthy social life will help keep our senior loved ones fulfilled and both physically and mentally healthier. The key is to find which method fits their lifestyle the best so they continue to be social.