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Retiring in Arizona Has Options for Senior Care

Planning your retirement is an exciting thing. Maybe you have exactly what you’re looking for in your hometown, or maybe you’re looking for something new in another state. Maybe you plan to retire so you can travel before you settle down.

Retiring in Arizona has the benefit of a variety of Solterra Senior Living locations. You can age in place with peace of mind when you move Solterra and can add assisted living and memory care solutions to your personal health plan.

Here are your options for care if you choose to retire in Arizona in a Solterra community.

1. Independent Living

Maybe you’re not ready for any assistance in your daily life yet. You’re in a good place as far as your health and mind, and all you really want is a home where you don’t have to worry about upkeep and maintenance.

Living at home may be a bit much to handle, with the yard work, repairs, cleaning, and grocery shopping. We’re happy to handle these chores for you so that you can go on and enjoy your retirement, whether that means spending the day in the library, exploring the city, or making new friends in any of our finely decorated common areas or landscaped outdoor areas.

This way, you can continue to do what you love, without having to worry about the chores that can pile up.

2. Assisted Living

When you’re ready for a higher level of care, you can add additional assistance to your personal care plan as needed. As activities of daily living become more difficult to handle, we’re here to offer a helping hand. We can help with dressing, grooming, housekeeping, and medication management, among other things.

Our goal is to keep you living the way you want, as independently as you want, and to help you stay active and healthy. This is how we maximize your quality of life while you’re staying with us. Amenities at our Arizona Solterra locations include on-site wellness centers, a vigorous activity program, and full-service beauty salons so you can be pampered.

3. Memory Care

If you find you are experiencing memory loss, or if it runs in your family, we have you covered. Our caregivers are specially trained and highly qualified to work with our Alzheimer’s and dementia residents.

Memory loss can cause additional emotional and physical distress, so we work extra hard to create a comfortable, safe, and caring environment for those who need it most.

4. Respite or Short-Term Care

If you aren’t sure about moving to assisted living or memory care but need additional help, this is a great opportunity to test it out. Perhaps you’ve just come out of the hospital after an illness or injury. Maybe you want to give your caregiver a vacation. You can experience the same quality care without having to make the decision to move right then.

5. Hospice Care

A high level of support is provided for our residents whose advanced, life-limiting illnesses require specialized care. Our compassionate staff works as a team to manage symptoms in order to make our residents’ last days comfortable and dignified.

Whichever stage of your retirement journey you’re on, we’d love to talk with you about retiring in Arizona at one of our communities. Contact us today for a tour.