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3 Tips for Self-Care for Seniors in 2022

Taking care of yourself is very important for your all-around health.

Taking care of yourself is very important for your all-around health. However, too many seniors don’t take time for self-care, but doing so can make a world of difference to maintain and improve your health, happiness, and quality of life. Make self-care one of your resolutions for the year 2022. Read on below for some ideas and tips.

1. Try Something New and Creative

Keeping your mind engaged is great for self-care and your cognitive health. Consider taking a class to learn something new. There are plenty of fun classes out there, focused on activities like cooking, gardening, or arts and crafts. If you already have creative hobbies you haven’t done in a while, make time to get back to doing what you enjoy.

There are endless possibilities for creative things you can do. Paint or draw or try pottery. Write a story or poem or start keeping a journal. Use your phone to take pictures that you can look back on and smile.

Studies have shown that leaning into your creative side can reduce stress and increase dopamine. Learn new skills and show off your creative pursuits to your family and friends. You might end up finding an amazing talent you never knew you had.

2. Self-Care Also Includes Taking Time to Connect and Socialize With Others

Unfortunately, it’s very common for seniors to become isolated and lonely. This feeling of disconnect from others can have negative impacts on your mental health.

Even a quick phone call with friends or family can make a big difference. You can also seek out activities that encourage you to make new friends.

When you enter assisted living, you are part of a community. Here at our Peoria assisted living center, we have plenty of socialization activities and events throughout the year. When you make new friends, you can continue to do other self-care activities with them. For instance, take some walks to appreciate our Peoria assisted living center’s beautiful vistas.

Another way we enable our residents to have companionship is that our apartments are pet-friendly—so you can have furry friends visit or even stay with you.

3. Take Care of Your Physical Health As Well

Self-care can include getting enough sleep, exercise, and healthy foods.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean intense workouts. Try yoga, tai chi, aerobics, or other exercises known for their calming effects. These exercises have also been shown to reduce joint pain and muscle cramps. It’s another way that self-care can improve both your body and mind. Taking daily walks can also make a big difference.

This can also include taking time to pamper yourself. One of our Peoria assisted living amenities is an on-site beauty salon.

Here at the Mission at Agua Fria, our amenities and services enable seniors to make self-care a priority. We also look out for our residents’ safety, health, and well-being. For instance, we have 24-hour monitoring, medication management, and housekeeping services. This allows our residents to focus on their self-care. It’s one of the ways our communities provide the ideal retirement experience. You can find more information about Peoria assisted living center on our website.