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4 Activities to Engage Senior Adults

As adults get older, they may not even think to take up hobbies or new activities.

As adults get older, they may not even think to take up hobbies or new activities. But not doing anything to occupy their time will increase their chances of feeling down and depressed. It’s important for seniors to do activities that boost their mood, keep them alert, cover multiple interests, and of course, let them have fun. Believe it or not, there are plenty of options out there, even for those with limitations. Read on to find out the types of activities that will keep seniors engaged.

1. Staying Active Is Key

This doesn’t necessarily mean running a marathon. But activities that require seniors to get their bodies moving, even a small amount, are great for numerous health reasons. For one example, many seniors love yoga, which reduces stress and is a mood booster. Being too sedentary can lead to pain, poor mood, memory problems, increased restlessness, and swelling of feet and ankles. Even just a leisurely stroll outdoors can work wonders for keeping seniors engaged.

At least some of the exercise activities for seniors should be outdoors. Getting fresh air is always beneficial. And with the sights, smells, sounds, and more, the outdoors engage multiple senses. Many seniors find this very soothing.

There are also exercise activities for seniors with limited mobility, such as chair yoga. So no one, no matter their level of mobility, needs to feel left out. Certain exercises can be done seated or using a walker.

2. Embrace Creativity

Arts and crafts are wonderful activities for multiple age groups, seniors included. Studies have shown that these activities can help people be more positive and less anxious. There is a wide range of creative ideas, including drawing, painting, knitting, beading, embroidery, and many, many more. These activities lead to learning new skills, forming new interests, and keeping minds active. Not to mention how happy and accomplished people feel when they have a finished project.

3. Music Has Been Shown to Work Wonders for Seniors

Music helps reduce stress and anxiety, can help with pain, and can also have a positive effect on sleep. Music also improves memory, focus, and general cognitive function. For seniors dealing with memory loss, music can almost miraculously bring back happy memories that seemed otherwise lost. Because of these benefits, activities involving music are often part of different senior care programs, especially memory care. Senior activities using music can mean singing, playing instruments, listening to music, and even dancing, all of which help keep everyone engaged.

4. Senior Activities That Encourage Social Stimulation

The right senior living centers will have scheduled events and group outings that can lead to new friendships. In addition to these scheduled socialization opportunities, seniors can enjoy everyday activities that encourage teamwork. This can include card games and puzzles. Making connections, especially with others who are going through similar experiences, will make seniors excited, more communicative, happier, and less lonely.

Here at Solterra Senior Living, we make it a priority for seniors to have fun and stay active and engaged. All of our locations have numerous activities that will boost interest and engagement, lead to positive moods, provide health benefits, and allow plenty of opportunities to form new friendships. Seniors will also love our gorgeous outdoor surroundings and inviting, relaxing environment. You can find out more information about Solterra Senior Living on our website.