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3 Ways Solterra Senior Living Residents Can Stay Connected During COVID-19

Socializing can be one of the best aspects of living in a community like Solterra Senior Living.

Socializing can be one of the best aspects of living in a community like Solterra Senior Living. But with the restrictions put in place by COVID-19, the normal opportunities for socialization may not be available. Because of this, you may find yourself feeling disconnected from the rest of the world.

But you don’t have to feel that way. There are plenty of creative ways for you to stay connected and involved in your community, so we’re here to help. Here are three ways that Solterra Senior Living residents can stay connected during these hard times.

1. Take Advantage of New Technology

With so many technological advances in the last few decades, there are now ample ways to use them to your advantage. Many of those ways can help Solterra Senior Living residents stay connected during these times of social isolation.

Social media, for example, is a great way to stay in contact with a large number of people without having to reach out to each of them individually. Websites like Facebook allow people to post and view pictures of family and friends, and with so many people being stuck indoors, it has become a prominent way of keeping in touch with each other. Try joining a social media site to become included in online communities and stay up-to-date on your loved ones’ lives.

Another way to stay connected using new technology is through video chats. Solterra Senior Living residents can use cellphones, iPads, or laptops to video call loved ones. This way, you can see and chat with them in real-time. This kind of communication most closely resembles in-person conversations, and it can easily turn into the highlight of your day.

2. Do Some Reading

The state of the world is changing rapidly, and it may feel like you can’t keep up. If you’re looking to stay well-informed during this time, reading may be the way to do it.
Subscribing to a newspaper or current events magazine can be a good way to ensure you’re getting factual information and hearing about what’s happening in the world. As many of us are confined to our homes right now, reading from knowledgeable sources can be a great way to feel more connected with society. Getting a subscription to these sources can be done easily and often at a very low cost.

3. Write to Friends and Family

Writing letters has become less common over the years, but it’s a beloved pastime that people have been taking advantage of since the pandemic began. COVID-19 has caused many people to slow down from their normally busy schedules, which gives them more time to both write and read letters.

Writing your family and friends a letter can create a new activity to do during your day, and this way, you can provide your loved ones with something to be surprised by. It’s a great way to reconnect with people you may have lost contact with too. Letters can bring people together and provide the opportunity for everyone to process and release their emotions in a positive way while creating a distant community of support.