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Solterra Team Member, Jessica Newbourn, Receives 2022 Mercy Care RISE Award

Executive Director of Bridgewater Assisted Living Deer Valley, Jessica Newbourn, received the 2022 Mercy Care RISE Award. RISE stands for Resilience, Innovation, Service and Empowerment. The RISE award celebrates inspiring people who work to improve the lives of others, by promoting health and wellness. Individuals and organizations can be nominated for a RISE award in the categories of Compassion, Innovation, or Advocacy and Collaboration. Jessica was awarded the RISE award in the category of Compassion. This award is for those who inspire change in the community by their compassion, enthusiasm and dedication.

“Jessica is a great person and she is in her element being in charge of a community like ours,” said Chriz Rueda, resident care coordinator for Bridgewater Assisted Living. “Jessica is the boss and administrator everyone hopes to have, and is an exceptional leader of an assisted living community. She gives her time, and most especially her heart, to her job. The words ‘love you through it’ were written for her. Jessica loves each and every one of her residents and employees like family. She sits with the sad and celebrates with the happy. She makes small victories seem large ones and helps us to see that hard times don’t last forever.”

Bridgewater Assisted Living believes that residents want to make their own decisions about the care and services they need and want, and strives to provide compassionate care in a comfortable and respectful manner. Unlike most generational communities activity programs, Bridgewater’s daily activity approach will create and deploy resident engagement products that measure resident participation, positive health and wellness outcomes and interactive resident socialization goals.

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Reprinted from Arizona Health & Living, July 8, 2022. Original article by Alison M. Walsh.