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5 Ways to Support Your Loved One Living at BridgeWater Communities

Choosing a senior living community for your loved one can be a challenging task. You want to choose a place where they feel safe, secure, and comfortable, but you also need to choose a place that will address all their needs, whether that means memory care, assisted living, or anything in-between.

It’s important the community you choose for your loved one is resident-centered, meaning that the care is focused on what the individual resident and their family needs and wants. At BridgeWater, we know there isn’t a one-size-fits-all care routine for all residents.

One important thing that every resident needs is support from their family. Just because they’re now living in an assisted living community rather than their home doesn’t mean that the familial love, support, and visits need to be less than they were. Support and love from family makes all the difference in the lives of our residents. At BridgeWater Assisted Living communities, we stress this to all of our families, as we want them to continue to be active in their loved ones’ lives. Here are five ways to support your loved one living at BridgeWater communities.

1. Keep in Touch with BridgeWater Staff

You are your loved one’s best advocate. We will guarantee the care they receive is always be resident-centered, but you know your loved one best. By keeping in touch with BridgeWater Assisted Living staff, you can alert us to any changes you notice in your loved or to anything your loved one has said to you but not to us that you feel would be beneficial for us to know. Additionally, by having these open lines of communication and a personal relationship between our staff and our residents’ families, we can ensure that everyone is aware of everything going on.

2. Visit Your Loved One Frequently

You and your family members likely visited your loved one often when they were living in their own home, whether it was to provide company or help take care of their needs. Try to continue to visit your loved one regularly when they move into our community. Just because they live in a different home doesn’t mean you should visit any less frequently than you used to. Your loved one is already going through a lot of changes by living in a new place. The more things that can remain constant in their lives, the easier the transition will be for them … and for you.

3. Ask About What’s Happening at BridgeWater

There are always many social and recreational events happening at BridgeWater communities. Ask us for a copy of the schedule or ask your loved one what different events are happening. For instance, we have a happy hour bar, movie theatre, beauty salon, library, and wellness center all on-site. Encouraging them to partake in these activities (and more!) to get to know others living in their community is important.

Some events are open to families to attend as well. If you can, come to these events with your loved ones. It’s a great bonding opportunity and will help them feel even more comfortable and supported in their new home. Plus, we’re sure your loved one will enjoy introducing you to their new friends in the community.

4. Call/Write Letters

If you don’t live close to the BridgeWater communities and can’t get here as much as you would like to, take advantage of telephone calls or writing letters to your loved one. This is a great way for them to know that you’re still thinking of them and still there for them, even if you cannot visit as often as you’d like. Letters and cards are fun to receive and are keepsakes for your loved ones to hold on to or display in their apartments, to read over and over again.

Additionally, you can make phone calls, your loved one will appreciate getting to hear your voice. A good idea is to set up a time that works for both of you to talk and have it be a regular occurrence. This way, your loved one has something special to look forward to each month, day, or week. Calls and letters are also a great way to make sure your loved one doesn’t feel isolated from anything happening in the family.

5. Decorate the New Apartment Together

There are so many ways to help make your loved one’s apartment feel like home, but one of the best ways you can do that is by helping them to decorate. By decorating it together, you show your loved one that you really are there every step of this new way. Plus, every time your loved one looks around their new apartment, they’ll be reminded of you helping them choose décor. It will make their new apartment feel even more like home and will give them reassurance that family is always there.

Moving into an assisted living community is a change for the entire family, but especially for the loved one who is moving. Family support during this time is so important and is still very possible. The above five suggestions are great ways to show your loved one you’re still with them and for them. They’re also great ways to help make your loved one’s transition to BridgeWater Assisted Living even more seamless.

Our residents’ families are our families too. We want to get to know you and be there for you. We encourage you to continue to see, call, write, visit, and help your loved one as much as you’re able to when they move into one of our BridgeWater communities.