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What Amenities and Services Are Available at BridgeWater Tucson?

When it comes time to consider moving your senior loved one into an assisted living community, it is a time full of difficult choices and lots of questions and confusion. The goal is to find the community that will best fit your loved one’s lifestyle and personal needs. For example, if you know your loved one finds peace in gardening regularly, finding an assisted living community that will provide a place to garden would be an important part of the search process. If your loved one has specific health needs, such as assistance getting dressed daily or help with transitioning from bed to chair, you will need to search for a community that offers those services.

Considering which amenities and services will best meet your loved one’s needs and will make them most comfortable at their new home is extremely important when searching for the next place to call home. BridgeWater Assisted Living offers an array of amenities and services that you may want to consider when looking for your loved one’s next home.

Focus on Health and Wellness

Self-care is very important in maintaining both a healthy mind and body. To support residents in their self-care, BridgeWater Assisted Living offers exercise and wellness centers to help encourage regular exercise with easy access to equipment. There is also a beauty salon on-site to help residents maintain their regular grooming routines with the ease of not having to travel far.


BridgeWater Assisted Living offers chauffeured transportation to our residents. This helps keep residents active and able to see family and friends and able to easily access their doctors, stores, and other places of interest. Having on-site transportation also makes group trips easier and more frequent.

Community Spaces

Keeping residents active and making sure residents can spend time with each other helps ensure they stay in a more positive state of mind. It also helps keep their minds sharp. It’s important to have various community spaces that help facilitate making friendships. And having group activities that get residents talking with each other is an important amenity to consider in your search too.

At BridgeWater Assisted Living, there are community computer stations and activity rooms, along with media rooms. These spaces allow for group movie nights and the enjoyment of music as a group, along with other various group activities depending on what interests the community members have at that time. There are also community outdoor areas to walk, or your loved one can just sit and enjoy some fresh air with a friend or alone.

Home Maintenance

Keeping your home space organized and clean can help remove tripping hazards and help ensure your home is properly sanitized. Not only does having a clean space make for a safer space, but it also makes the mind calmer, it makes finding items easier, and it gives you more space to move around. Having laundry service and housekeeping is a great service that is offered at BridgeWater Assisted Living and should be one amenity to consider when searching for your loved one’s perfect home.