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What Assisted Living Amenities Does BridgeWater Have?

One of the many things you should be looking into when trying to find a great assisted living community is the amenities they offer. Assisted living can be so much more than just a place to live. Communities like BridgeWater go above and beyond to have the best assisted living amenities available to residents so they have a high quality of life. If you’ve ever wondered what assisted living amenities communities like BridgeWater have, you’re not alone.

Here are a few of the assisted living amenities offered at BridgeWater.

Nutritious Dining

The right kind of food not only nourishes the body but also feeds the soul. That is exactly what we aim to do at BridgeWater with our nutritious and delicious dining program. Residents can enjoy chef-prepared meals in a communal setting three times each day, seven days a week. This frees them from the responsibility of having to cook for themselves while giving them enough options to find something that speaks to their specific taste buds.

BridgeWater makes mealtimes fun with options like happy hour, which combines food and fun in a laid-back atmosphere. Residents also enjoy holiday meals and the opportunity to suggest to the chefs what meals they’d enjoy. The Culinary Council at BridgeWater excitedly welcomes residents to provide feedback on the meals as well as suggestions and favorite recipes to try.

On-Site Wellness & Therapy Center

Staying physically healthy can be a key component in maintaining residents’ overall health, which is why BridgeWater has an on-site wellness and therapy center. This center is available for all residents to use when they need it. It also offers them convenient access to useful tools that contribute to their health. It is well-equipped with the equipment you’d typically find at a wellness and therapy center outside of the community, making it a selling point to many residents.

Residents also have the freedom to meet with their personal physical therapists in this space, as well as occupational or speech therapists, all within the comfort of their home. With this option, most healthcare provides will bill Medicare directly, so residents have even less to worry about while they receive the care they need.

Top-Notch Health Management System

The residents of BridgeWater maintain a higher quality of life due to the independence they’re given when it comes to their health. This independence is available thanks to advanced technology called CarePredict, which has monitoring capabilities that are designed to fit each residents’ specific needs discreetly.

CarePredict provides a wide range of clinical data, which the medical staff will carefully monitor and use to proactively identify emerging health concerns before they worsen. The result of this technology is less frequent emergency situations, faster recovery times, and better outcomes for residents. This amazing technology is available free of charge to all BridgeWater Assisted Living residents.

These and many other helpful amenities can be expected when you decide to live in a BridgeWater Assisted Living community. With communities located throughout Arizona, it’s easy to find the exact right setting for you with all the assisted living amenities to make your life healthier and more enjoyable.