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What Does Peoria Assisted Living Look Like?

Growing old, or watching our loved ones growing old, is an intimidating albeit inevitable part of life.

Growing old, or watching our loved ones growing old, is an intimidating albeit inevitable part of life. Many of us wonder if we can safely live in big homes meant for full families as age starts to catch up with us, but the idea of relocating is intimidating – especially if we or our older loved ones are going to a community meant for seniors. For many people, senior living or assisted living communities conjure up images of dull nursing homes or unwelcoming medical centers, but these days, that’s far from necessarily being the case. If you want to know what modern Peoria assisted living can actually be like, you’ll need to make sure that any top-tier assisted living community you look into has these five key elements:

1. Welcoming, Inviting Housing

Who wants to live out their golden years in something resembling a hospital or a drab old hotel? Nobody! At the Mission at Agua Fria, our senior community boasts 59 lovely studio and one-bedroom assisted living apartments, as well as 30 studios for seniors requiring memory care. Our apartments and amenities are warm and inviting for residents and their families, making the Mission at Agua Fria a place that’s pleasurable to live in and visit.

2. Access to a Vibrant Local Community

No matter how wonderful your assisted living community is, you probably don’t want to spend 100% of your life there, 24/7. Fortunately, Peoria assisted living means that you’re in Peoria, one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant metro areas in Arizona. The Mission at Agua Fria offers scheduled transportation to a variety of local services, meaning that you can avail yourself of exciting activities in Peoria and Phoenix whenever you want.

3. Pet Friendliness

Our furred, feathered, or scaled companions are beloved parts of our life, and moving into an assisted living community shouldn’t mean having to part with them. That’s why the Mission at Agua Fria is proud to be pet-friendly, ensuring that your beloved animals can come with you as you start the next chapter in your life.

4. Excellent Recreational Activities

The fun thing about moving into a senior community is that you can make tons of new friends, all of whom are enjoying the same phase of their lives. The Mission at Agua Fria boasts a gym, game room, computer center, theater, and much more to help our residents bond with their new buddies or dominate in a game of badminton.

5. Trained Medical Assistance

There’s one reality to life we must come to grips with in our golden years: We’re getting older. With age comes wisdom, but also a need for readily-available expert medical care when necessary. The Mission at Agua Fria offers expert on-site care staff who can help our residents manage medication, deal with medical emergencies, or help residents live fulfilling lives while fighting back memory loss. With all of this in mind, it should be clear that if you’re looking for top Peoria assisted living, you should look no further than the Mission at Agua Fria. Contact us today for more information!